Birthday Sparkles!

It’s a very important person’s birthday today!  My hubs.  Here’s a really up close shot of him that he hasn’t approved yet but why not post it on my blog in honor of him??

Like the good wife I am, I made birthday cupcakes from a box, but only after he went grocery shopping for his own birthday supplies.  Please say nice things so his birthday is so super special that he won’t even notice that I didn’t make him a card.

Love this guy with all of my heart; he’s the best.

11 thoughts on “Birthday Sparkles!

  1. Happy Birthday TheHubs!! I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday. Kingsley sends his love & adoration, along with a lot of puppy kisses & snuggles.

  2. Happy Birthday SIL. I hope you had a marvelous day. I don’t know how you could not have. Wish I had been there to quaff a few beers, tell a few lies, and buy you a burger at our favorite spot. The Sun. See you soon. lv MIL mamap

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