Flashback Friday

It’s spring break for my track kids and we are still having workouts for those that stuck around.  This reminded me that I should have stuck around instead of flying to icy Myrtle Beach in 1999 for spring break in my early college years.

Oh my.

As LMFAO would say “we weren’t sexy but we didn’t know it.”

Have a good one!


Take that, Eldora!

As you may recall, Eldora is the little local mountain where Hubs and I have our ski passes.  Our first trip out was utterly painful, our second attempt we didn’t even make it to the mountain, and our last time out was spent convincing Emily that 60mph winds were an aberration in Colorado’s normally gorgeous weather.

Although our spirits were certainly weakened, we still decided to head back to Eldora a few weeks ago.

I’m happy to say, it was our lucky day.  The skies were sunny, the weather was lovely enough to sit out on the deck of the chalet, and my toes had circulation the entire day.

Eldora, I hardly recognize you with your kick butt views and plushy snow!

Moments before a double back diamond run:


Don’t be impressed, kids shorter than my knee caps sped past me on that run.

Moral of the story is…we’ll be back!  Mostly because we have a wad of ski passes to use up or they go to waste and not going would be like throwing money off a chair lift over the back country during an avalanche.

The recap is here!

It happened again.  MamaP had such a delightful time last go around, she decided to come back.  Here’s the recap.

On her first day into town, two important things happened:

I undercooked her pumpkin bread (a grievous moment in both of our lives) and we spent the rest of the day doing this:

The next day we rose early (not true) and took down a hearty breakfast and strong tea to prepare ourselves for the arduous day ahead.

We planned to spend the whole day hiking the jagged terrain of Rocky National Park (only taking short breaks for water) ever aware that the dangers of mountain lion run ins, avalanches, slipping into icy crevasses, and unpredictable weather could bully us at every turn.

With strong resolve, we headed out.

When we got to the entrance of the park, the guide suggested a rigorous route from Cub Creek trailhead.  He told us “Just take a left, right, left and you’ll arrive at Cub Creek.  If you can’t find it, then don’t join the army!”  (laughs)

As it would go, we got a bit turned around (read: LOST), ended up a Bear Lake trailhead (same difference, right?) and were completely famished since breakfast was a little over an hour ago.  So although it was not our intended target, we quickly set up camp to eat lunch.

I’d like to tell you we made a fire, over which we grilled fresh caught fish from a mountain stream but really we ate deli salami and pre-sliced cheese in the parking lot.

MamaP had to make a run to the potty and I told her to set our lunch tote by the car on the way, while I gathered up everything else being sure to leave no trace.

With our tummies full and our bladders empty, we were ready for the wilderness.

Well, almost ready.

We debated on which trail to take but finally settled on the one that was so short, it was only listed in feet.

And set off on our adventure.

Part way into our 10 minute hike, we ran into peril.

Although my dexterity is not disimilar to a light pole, I still managed to save myself and get back to enjoying the incredibly mountain views.

We were sure to note the local mountain fauna:

And much to our delight, we made it back to where we started from.  That seriously never happens when we’re together.

After all of our hiking efforts, we decided it’d be in our best interest to get Mexican food for second lunch.

And then, treat our tired legs to

a pedicure.

Of course we ate dinner and a snack before calling it a a day.

Part two is coming.  Can you believe I’m dragging this out into more than one blog post?

The Book Nook

*It’s true, I really can read!

THE BOOK: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

<em>Catching fire</em> [Book]


My thoughts (which most likely carry little to no influence): This is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy (read my review of the first here).  Predictably, Hubs and I gobbled it up with no shame.  In spite of being riddled with crappy writing, cheesy cliches and holes in the plot, it still was a good read.  Good as the first?  Not even close.  But, I still couldn’t help myself.  And you bet Hubs and I are going to push our way past the tweens to get tickets to the movie, now that it’s finally out!

Grade: B

Would I recommend it to a stranger on the bus (trying to make his way home)? *cringes*  Yeah, I totally would.

What I am reading now: I’m reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants instead of cleaning my landfill of a house.


Flashback Friday

*looks surprised*

Well, hello and fancy seeing you here!  I know it’s been a while.  I was so totally skipping along, minding my own business and then –



fell right off the edge of the earth.


Did you miss me?

I’ve been busy spending lots of quality time with my track kids and they make my heart so happy.  I am soaking it all in; the sounds, the excitement, the pre-race jitters.  Being back on the track brings back so many memories…

Memories of my freshman half hair (it was so damaged, half just fell right off) and puffy socks that I had hoped I would never have to remember.  And yes, those shoes are from Walmart and they cost me my babysitting savings, which was all of $14.

Happy Friday, gotta run, Hunger Games is in the theaters!


Be My Guest

We’ve had a handful of house guests since moving out to the mountains (mentioned here, here, here and here and I have yet to tell you of MamaP’s last trip out!) and we always prep in the same way: clean, buy groceries – especially breakfast foods since Hubs makes a mean one, put out fresh sheets/towels and Hubs roasts coffee.  Oh and lastly, and I set out this skinny basket we got for our wedding (love you, Leia) in the bathroom with a card, washcloth and miniature bath goodies.

I didn’t get the chance to use it much when we lived in Minnesota, except when our house was on the market.  Coincidentally, the one time I forgot to set this out to ‘stage’ our bathroom was the *only* time we got an offer.  Maybe I should take a clue and stop using it but I think it’s just too cute.

The fuzzy basket tucked inside was gifted to me from a friend (thanks, Mary!) long ago and I think it’s perfect to slip in an arrangement of bath yummies.

It’s nothing much and not especially crafty, but it gets me super excited for the arrival of my guests.  Plus, now I can justify the decision to put this on our registry, even though Hubs gave me the side eye at the time.

Any old wedding gifts recently resurfaced like mine or any special routines you do when you have overnight guest?

Little Miss 300 Days of Sunshine

Boulder is *known* for its 300+ days of sunshine.  It’s, like, famous for it.  I try not to be smug about it, but coming from the land of perpetual winter, I really can’t help myself.  So when Emily waltzed into town, I just knew she’d love this place so much…that she probably wouldn’t want to leave.

It was late afternoon by the time she arrived; the sun was strong still but the air was on the chilly side.  We caught up over coffee, I fretted about sunburn (because “Be careful Emily, the sun is incredibly strong here!”) and I accidentally over-smiled:

The hot sun dropped fast, so we set out in search of fire…

The Pearl Street performers…you wouldn’t be able to find this kind of fun in frigid Minnesota, you know.

Much to my disbelief, it actually got, dare I say it, a wee nippy out on the street.  We hustled home to warm our toesies, sip tea, and catch up on all the time we had missed out on since our move.

When we settled in for the night, I slept well, knowing the mountains and a perfect day would greet us in the morning.

The next day arrived, right on time as it usually does, and we headed back out to bustling Pearl Street to take in the sights.

Except, it was rather glum outside and you could barely make out the mountains.  We hung out all day pretend shopping, popping into stores solely to stay warm.  I was more than a little bummed the sunshine didn’t join us.

Nonetheless, I had a few more days to let CO blow Emily’s mind, starting out with the incredibly picturesque Chautauqua the very next morning:

Even with the sunshine, surprisingly, it was cold to start out with.  But, we got hot fast after tromping through the snow packed trails (and also because baby, we were born that way).

Emily gobbled the views right up.  Finally, the inevitable CO love affair was set into motion…

Unfortunately, the trails were super slick and would make anyone carrying camera equipment worth-way-more-than-my-car more than a little nervous.  So we had to turn back early.  Why, Colorado, why are you doing this to me?

To make up for our crappy “hike”, I took Emily to the most intricate tea house in Boulder.  What I imagined is us sipping pretty drinks outside.  What I didn’t expect is for the sun to skip town and leave us with a dreary, windy, messy day.  We took cover inside.

To top it off, her bloom tea didn’t bloom properly because it was apparently feeling shy.  I was beginning to worry Emily might not be having the time of her life after all…

Thankfully, a new dawn was waiting for us and I just knew a fresh start would change her mind.  I, my friends, planned to take her to Rocky National Park, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Our drive in, in hopes of enjoying some leisurely snowshoeing:

Luckily, we were told, there was “Little-to-no chance of death, if you stick together and take cover in the trees.  Except, watch out for falling trees because those could kill you too.  It’s pretty nasty out there.”

Thank gosh we’re tough chicks from Minnesota because this weather was not for the faint of heart.

It took the entire evening, in front of the fire of our apartment, for my soul to thaw.  Since my hopes were dashed by the blizzardy madness of Rocky National Park, I realized I could only bank on one final thing.

We had to go skiing.

People FLOCK to this state to ski their ever lovin hearts out and I knew the slopes would be the perfect medicine to cure any bitter memories.

You know where this is going, yeah?

You know that great tune “I had the time of my life (and I’ve never felt like this before)”?  Pretty sure Emily never felt like this before.

I won’t even mention the horribly massive snowstorm that Emily had to drive through to catch her early morning flight back home because it’s all too much for me to take.

Emily, please come back someday?  We can do a re-do?

UPDATE:  Take a peek at Emily’s view of CO through her iPhone here!