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We’ve had a handful of house guests since moving out to the mountains (mentioned here, here, here and here and I have yet to tell you of MamaP’s last trip out!) and we always prep in the same way: clean, buy groceries – especially breakfast foods since Hubs makes a mean one, put out fresh sheets/towels and Hubs roasts coffee.  Oh and lastly, and I set out this skinny basket we got for our wedding (love you, Leia) in the bathroom with a card, washcloth and miniature bath goodies.

I didn’t get the chance to use it much when we lived in Minnesota, except when our house was on the market.  Coincidentally, the one time I forgot to set this out to ‘stage’ our bathroom was the *only* time we got an offer.  Maybe I should take a clue and stop using it but I think it’s just too cute.

The fuzzy basket tucked inside was gifted to me from a friend (thanks, Mary!) long ago and I think it’s perfect to slip in an arrangement of bath yummies.

It’s nothing much and not especially crafty, but it gets me super excited for the arrival of my guests.  Plus, now I can justify the decision to put this on our registry, even though Hubs gave me the side eye at the time.

Any old wedding gifts recently resurfaced like mine or any special routines you do when you have overnight guest?

14 thoughts on “Be My Guest

  1. Hi Candace

    Cute basket and great idea!!

    I bought a cute tray with a glass carafe and some matching cups that I fill up at night (with water) and put next to their bed. Also, I make sure that they have a cute nightlight in their bathroom :)

    • Susan! I looove the idea of a water carafe and cups! So very classy, so thoughtful. And night lights are totally underrated, they are perfect to have for guests that have to pee in the middle of the night – a great idea!

    • Surprise! Midnight feedings and play time! I bet Grandma and Grandpa secretly adore those kind of sleep disturbances!

  2. I love what you do. It is so welcoming AND so good-looking. When I visited Dennis and Kathy, they had a picture of us framed and put on the dresser. It was so cool. Sometimes I put out a goodie basket, with snacks and treats. Anything to make guests feel welcome. lv mamap

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