Flashback Friday

*looks surprised*

Well, hello and fancy seeing you here!  I know it’s been a while.  I was so totally skipping along, minding my own business and then –



fell right off the edge of the earth.


Did you miss me?

I’ve been busy spending lots of quality time with my track kids and they make my heart so happy.  I am soaking it all in; the sounds, the excitement, the pre-race jitters.  Being back on the track brings back so many memories…

Memories of my freshman half hair (it was so damaged, half just fell right off) and puffy socks that I had hoped I would never have to remember.  And yes, those shoes are from Walmart and they cost me my babysitting savings, which was all of $14.

Happy Friday, gotta run, Hunger Games is in the theaters!


10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. The half-hair is a good look, and I’m sure it’ll make a comeback any day now.

    (You weren’t supposed to tell anyone how much we’re looking forward to the Hunger Games)

    • I blew our cover!! :) I got that half hair taken care of the very next year because, turns out, it didn’t help me make friends.

  2. I missed you as well. I have been sick all week with pneumonia. It was a nasty experience. I can’t believe you only had half a head of hair. TEE HEE. You make me smile. Lv mamap

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