The recap is here!

It happened again.  MamaP had such a delightful time last go around, she decided to come back.  Here’s the recap.

On her first day into town, two important things happened:

I undercooked her pumpkin bread (a grievous moment in both of our lives) and we spent the rest of the day doing this:

The next day we rose early (not true) and took down a hearty breakfast and strong tea to prepare ourselves for the arduous day ahead.

We planned to spend the whole day hiking the jagged terrain of Rocky National Park (only taking short breaks for water) ever aware that the dangers of mountain lion run ins, avalanches, slipping into icy crevasses, and unpredictable weather could bully us at every turn.

With strong resolve, we headed out.

When we got to the entrance of the park, the guide suggested a rigorous route from Cub Creek trailhead.  He told us “Just take a left, right, left and you’ll arrive at Cub Creek.  If you can’t find it, then don’t join the army!”  (laughs)

As it would go, we got a bit turned around (read: LOST), ended up a Bear Lake trailhead (same difference, right?) and were completely famished since breakfast was a little over an hour ago.  So although it was not our intended target, we quickly set up camp to eat lunch.

I’d like to tell you we made a fire, over which we grilled fresh caught fish from a mountain stream but really we ate deli salami and pre-sliced cheese in the parking lot.

MamaP had to make a run to the potty and I told her to set our lunch tote by the car on the way, while I gathered up everything else being sure to leave no trace.

With our tummies full and our bladders empty, we were ready for the wilderness.

Well, almost ready.

We debated on which trail to take but finally settled on the one that was so short, it was only listed in feet.

And set off on our adventure.

Part way into our 10 minute hike, we ran into peril.

Although my dexterity is not disimilar to a light pole, I still managed to save myself and get back to enjoying the incredibly mountain views.

We were sure to note the local mountain fauna:

And much to our delight, we made it back to where we started from.  That seriously never happens when we’re together.

After all of our hiking efforts, we decided it’d be in our best interest to get Mexican food for second lunch.

And then, treat our tired legs to

a pedicure.

Of course we ate dinner and a snack before calling it a a day.

Part two is coming.  Can you believe I’m dragging this out into more than one blog post?

13 thoughts on “The recap is here!

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. It was a good plan to choose Bear Lake and avoid potential run-ins with mountain lion encounters on those longer paths. With mexican food and a pedicure calling your name, why risk it?

  2. awesome!!! and now for my odd comment but I LOVE mamaPs attire, the gold with plum scarf is very bold, I love the colors — they pop in the pictures!

  3. We did have a marvelous time. I am reading the blog to my co- workers as I write. LOL We made some great short videos as well. Of course, I think I am a clone of Martin Scorcese and Candace is a little less enthusiastic about my movie plans. Seriously, I am glad we found a trail to walk on since they are not posted well. How people find them is beyond us. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Lv mamap

    • The short films we made are witty and super well thought out. Can’t wait to post them on youtube so we can show the world our many talents.

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