Take that, Eldora!

As you may recall, Eldora is the little local mountain where Hubs and I have our ski passes.  Our first trip out was utterly painful, our second attempt we didn’t even make it to the mountain, and our last time out was spent convincing Emily that 60mph winds were an aberration in Colorado’s normally gorgeous weather.

Although our spirits were certainly weakened, we still decided to head back to Eldora a few weeks ago.

I’m happy to say, it was our lucky day.  The skies were sunny, the weather was lovely enough to sit out on the deck of the chalet, and my toes had circulation the entire day.

Eldora, I hardly recognize you with your kick butt views and plushy snow!

Moments before a double back diamond run:


Don’t be impressed, kids shorter than my knee caps sped past me on that run.

Moral of the story is…we’ll be back!  Mostly because we have a wad of ski passes to use up or they go to waste and not going would be like throwing money off a chair lift over the back country during an avalanche.

10 thoughts on “Take that, Eldora!

  1. I’m impressed! That run looks terrifying to me…but then again, anytime that I’m trying to move doing anything other than walking (rollerblading, ice skating, etc) I mostly just spend a lot of time falling down. :-)

    • I have to say, we’ve never had as nice of snow in the trees as we did when with you! Ahhh, memories of our Jolly Jugs…

  2. I’m loving the spring snowboarding at Eldora. You can’t beat sitting out on the deck in the warm sun over lunch. Although we might not have much longer to enjoy it, considering how warm and void of snow our March was!

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