Raves and Faves: MARCH

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of March loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Lately I’ve been sporting these diamond earrings – a gift from my Grandma for my college graduation but was always too nervous to wear.  But, I figure life’s too short to *save* them for only special occasions.  They are the perfect amount of bling to shiny up my days, but they are easy to wear to track practice each afternoon.

Best of all, I feel like a piece of my Grandma is with me wherever I go (even though she lives in Minnesota) and it comforts me.

2. I roped Hubs into being the scorekeeper at our home track meet.  Quite a view from the track, eh?  I can’t believe I get to do workouts here every day.  #soblessed

3.  The Hunger Games movie.  Besides being completely irritated by the general public (a very germy young lady coughed/hacked through the entire movie and we had the pleasure of sitting next to two overly loud middle-aged women that had a few “cocktails” before stumbling into the theater and gracing us with their incessant chatter), the movie was pretty decent.  Did any of you see it and what did you think?

4.  The goofy times we had when MamaP’s came to visit, which I mentioned here and here:

5.  The weather has been outrageously awesome, I’ve already had to whip out the summer clothes (oh lawdy) and sunscreen!

6. Hubs and I have been snowboarding every Sunday.  Then, we come back into town and hop on our bikes for a bike ride – in shorts!  The strange dichotomy of our new found Sundays is perfect in every way.

7. Morning running buddies.  I was so lucky to have loyal running buddies in Minnesota and now I’ve found two pretty ladies to spend my mornings with here.  Running in the morning with a friend is the very very best, I tell you.

March marched out of my life and in burst April, my birthday month.  Birthdays are my favorite time of year, so hopefully Hubs gets me lots of pressies!

Just for old time sake, take a look here to see March 2011 Raves and Faves.

8 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: MARCH

  1. The gorgeous weather made March delightful. I loved our spring snowboarding at Eldora, and the track meet I helped at was a blast.

    Don’t forget #8, March Madness. You smoked my bracket and almost won your in your track league!

  2. I loved talking to you this morning. You were so inspiring. Hugs. March went so fast and now April is upon us. Easter this weekend. Alan said that going to the movie with mamap is like those women at Hunger Games. Whatever. lol. Good luck to your track people for tomorrow. lv mamap

  3. You have great times…it makes me wanna re-start my blog again, but it’s hard for me to come up with things to talk about.

    • I hear you, Kate. It’s hard and I’ve been struggling myself. It’s such a wonderful outlet, but can be an added extra stress. Hubs helps me by brainstorming ideas – that always seems to kick start it again.

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