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Money has been on my (mad) mind a bit…you know, ever since I upped and quit my job last summer.  Sure, I got a new job (with a handsome boss) but the pay is lots less than what I was making before.  And in truth, money has always been something I’ve thought hard about, even as a little girl.  I can get all ninja psychoanalyst and tell you the root of why I feel the way I do, but let’s not waste your time.  Since you’re already here though, I thought I’d start a running conversation about some ways I am trying to cut spending, save greenbacks, but still live life in between.

Last time we chatted I talked about using stuff up and as an update: I’ve already used up two lip products and the washer ate two of them (coincidentally ruining Hubs clothes in the process).  This is not helping us in the saving money department as much as I had hoped.  But, at least I’m whittling them down with persistent dedication/ineptness – so go me!

Today’s topic:  Dyeing my own hair

A confession:  I’m only a half-blonde.  You know the type.  The type that started off as a sweet and innocent blonde kid/young adult, but now her angry roots come in as a green/ash-y/cat-pukey brown color.  Once the sun has at it; it morphs back into something reminiscent of a sunny semi-pleasing blonde hue again.  But, it always looks dyed, even when it’s not.  As soon as the days grow shorter and the sun heads south of the equator, my roots stage a mutiny and take over my hair life.  I’m forced to highlight the heck out of it.  Have you any idea how expensive, in both time and money, highlights are – especially for fast growing long hair?  It costs a small fortune.  No wait, it actually costs a fortune.  I was super stingy about it before but now that I’m on a tight budget, I’m even more so.  In fact, I haven’t gotten highlights in almost a year.

Instead, I’ve taken to highlighting my own hair.  It’s DIY at it’s finest and I’ve been saving SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!

In addition saving SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!, I’ve been walking around looking like a complete dweeb because, turns out, highlighting my own hair is a talent I do not possess.  See?

I have random bright blonde SPOTS (that go 20 layers deep), and dirty roots playing right along side general orange-y hair drama.  You can’t really grasp the hideousness of it all, but it’s bad.  It looks far from decent, and I’m self conscious of it.

I told Hubs I can’t do it anymore.  I have to find some sort of compromise.  From here on out, I’m going to do a mix of getting it professionally done and doing it myself.  So, in essence, this is a Mad Money FAIL.  I tried to save the green but it just didn’t work out.

How about you – any Mad Money fails that you’d like to let your hair down and vent about?

17 thoughts on “Mad Money

  1. Look on line and see if you can see any good ways to highlight or buy a nice box of Loreal. You will look marvelous. I live frugally so I don’t have much fat to cut. I am starting to spend money on pedicures and fun stuff like that so I am increasing my outgo. Have a great day and I am so glad some bunny loves me ::)) lv mamap

    • Sometimes you are too generous – hold on tight to your hard earned money and only buy what you really love and need, MamaP!

  2. TheCandace – I feel your pain! The last time I dyed my hair myself I chemically burned my scalp. To make matters worse, the dye made the bottom half of my head black and the top half faded (it was hot look, let me tell ya!) I have gone back to paying someone to make my hair look nice (and to not burn my scalp) Here’s to trying our best at saving greenbacks & realizing that sometimes it pays to to pay :-)

    • Yowie, girl! I’ve experienced burned scalp too – it’s agonizing! I totally agree, sometimes it’s worth having a professional step in! I need hair help, STAT!

      • Hi TheCandace. Just a little tip. If you do buy color in a box… stay away from anything with ‘ASH’ in the color name. It will just a greenish undertone. (My sister’s a hairstylist back home so I have to color my hair myself now. :'( So very Sad, considering I just had to pay for the product before and then it would be professional applied. I have NO talent when it comes to hair at all. So it’s been a challenge.
        Good Luck!

        • Kelly – you are too cute! Thank you for the tips – I’ll stay far far away from ashen color!! Doing your own hair color is practically impossible!

  3. I appreciate The Candace’s effort to save us some household greenbacks, but I think it’s time to bite the bullet and get it done professionally (during the winter, especially).

  4. Good Heavens, it does pay to pay especially when there is pain involved. Take care of yourself. You guys are professional money managers. I know I used to do plenty of home projects myself and now I am hiring people to do things. I had new doors installed and a hot water heater and soon I will have a new dishwasher. YAY. Maybe a new countertop and sink and faucet. Totally awesome. lv mamap

  5. So glad I read this today! I get my hair done at the Cosmotology dept at my school…cheaper cuz the students do it and have teachers check every stepof the way…you just need to have a large chunk of your day available to have them do it :). Just had mine done today and cost me less than fifty bucks and looks amazing!

    • Ooh, way to take advantage of the Cosmetology school, it’s great place to save money on getting your hair done. I’ve had good experiences at schools, but you’re right, they sure can take a long time.

  6. Do the overall dye yourself and then get the foils done professionally. You can go to a cosmotology school or to a place like Fantastic Sam’s where 8 foils are not too expensive. I always used Clairol’s Nice and Easy with good results. It actually has highlights built in and they look pretty good.

    • Such good advice, Betsy – thank you! I tried an overall color this winter and it turned my hair orange-y but it might be because I picked a “golden blonde” color. I’ll be sure to stay away from that next time – yikes!!

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