Spring Cleaning: The purse

This sunny spring weather has given me the urge to throw open the windows and CLEAN stuff.  Mind you, it’s only an urge.  But why not document what little I have accomplished on the internet for all of you even so?

I started off my Spring Cleaning with a purse purge (and later on, a swap).

I dumped out all of the contents which I sorted/filed/trashed, as well as organized the contents of my wallet and coupon book. Then I stuffed it all into my $13 Target score from a few years back.

The whole process took approximately 45 seconds, 10 of which I spent smearing on my newly found MAC Viva Glam VI lipstick that I splurged on last summer while Hubs was away at a conference.

Have you had the urge to think about spring cleaning like me, but not do much of anything except eat left over Easter candy?

25 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: The purse

  1. I always add wallet clean out to the purse clean out and it’s amazing what I stuff in there…so many punch cards that I thought I had lost…and then it usually adds up to a free Caribou!

  2. I love Chik-fil-a. One trip to Texas, just drove around and checked out their billboards. Too funny. No Caribou. Strange. But still enough good coffee shops. I am still sorting paper – piles of it. I have several bags to burn and recycle already. I am pleased. Now it is getting nice out, I have to go out there and sort through plants, out with the bad and in with some new. Always an adventure. lv mamap

    • I have heard good things about chik-fil-a…but the name worries me…I like chicken, but what are they putting in the ‘fil-a’ part of my sandwich? I need to know these things before I give it a whirl.

  3. I have never eaten at Chik-fil-a but they do have the best advertisements on their billboards. I know what you mean though, I can’t eat chicken fingers anywhere. UGH. Because it is warming up, I am sorting and washing my winter sweaters and since I am going to Texas, I am trying on my summer stuff. That way I will know how many pounds I have to lose before May 18th. ::)) lv mamap

  4. Cute purses!!! My purse is in desperate need of a clean out…I feel like I have so much stuff in there it’s becoming Mary Poppins-esque.

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