A little nugget

All Hubs wanted to do for his birthday is go to a Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game.  A few weeks ago, we made that happen.

But first,

the food.

It’s in Hubs best interest to feed me before we go anywhere or do anything.  It’s just better that way.  Before the game, we did it up right and grabbed subs from Snarfs – the best sandwich shop EVER (their famous pickled jalapenos are amazing!).

After snarfing down some carbs, Hubs and I hopped in the car and headed to Denver.  In predictable selfish form, I snoozed the entire way while Hubs fought through despicable Denver traffic (poor guy).

I perked up when we got to the stadium and we snapped this pic me and my birthday boy:

Then, once inside, this happened:

To be even further ridiculous, we purchased matching Denver Nuggets shirts:

(even though we were actually there to cheer on the T-wolves.  Aren’t they cute though?)

Once we scooted to our seats, a guy came along and asked to take a picture of us.  We assumed our matching shirts screamed SUPER FANS and thought to ourselves, why wouldn’t he want to grab a pic of a sexy couple like us to use for marketing/general Nuggets propaganda?  Then, Hubs noticed he was “shooting Nikon” and so he asked if the guy would snap a quick pic with our camera too.  He obliged awkwardly after asking us to hold on to a card (see below), and just before tip toeing away, whispered with a wink “You could have gone to the website and just taken a picture of your picture.”

Yes, we were *that* couple that accidentally took advantage of the picture-taking-guy that you buy the pics from later, online.  Wow, how could we have not known?

Besides the previously mentioned embarrassing interaction and KLove’s concussion (sad face), the buffalo wings were nice and spicy and the game was a tight one.  Yes, I ate for a second time and the Nuggets won, btw.

So, that’s what we did for Hubs birthday gift.  I hope he thoroughly enjoyed himself because my birthday is TOMORROW and I have high expectations that it’ll be the best birthday of my life.

10 thoughts on “A little nugget

  1. This was a blast of a birthday bash!

    It was the first Timberwolves game I’ve been to in years, and even though the Spanish Unicorn, Ricky Rubio, was injured and didn’t play, I was stoked to see the rest of the T-Wolves play in person. And they had an amazing comeback from 24 points down to tie it late in the game, though they couldn’t pull it out in the end.

    Thanks so much to the Candace for the awesome birthday present. I hope I can meet your expectation for yours tomorrow :)

  2. For the Hubs: Zackie…just exactly what was your left hand doing in that cheerleader picture? :)) Naturally the Candace has her bloggie readers trained to ask such questions..

  3. Wow, Zack! That was a great birthday – Good food, good company AND matching T-shirts! I hope you sat on the Nugget side of the house so you didn’t make the T-wolves fans feel bad. ::)) I don’t know what you are talking about with the camera but the pictures are awesome. Loved the blog. lv mamap

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