The Recap, round 2

A while back (much longer than I had hoped, actually) I told you a little about MamaP’s playdate in the mountains.  Well, I’m back to finish what I started.

After our previously mentioned adventures in the wild, we decided to keep the next day low key and urban.  What I’m trying to say is, we ate a lot and went shopping.

The sun was out, the deals were hot and we were more than enthusiastic to be in the midst of it all.

After we oogled lovelies at a handful of shops, we decided to hit up Pearl Street for lunch, sip some afternoon coffee and enjoy the live music.

It was the perfect day to take our time and soak it all in.

Mostly though, we just spent time being Together.

As the afternoon wandered towards evening, we swung by the local track where my kids were competing to catch a few races.  Just like my old track days, MamaP settled in with a good book and hollered encouragingly to those that sprinted by.

And because I’m nothing less than classy, I had thawed chicken chili waiting for us at home for dinner.  We filled our bellies and spent the evening packing, resting and savoring the last night of her visit.

When morning came, we ate breakfast and sipped coffee, quietly and somberly, avoiding goodbyes.  You know the feeling, don’t you?

Another question for you:

Panic washed over me.  I was *supposed* to drop MamaP off in town so she could catch a shuttle to the airport.  A shuttle that had come and gone almost an hour ago.  She was never going to make it.

Surprisingly nimble for a couple of aging over-eaters, we packed up the car and high tailed it to the airport ourselves.  As I zoomed up to the gate, MamaP sprung out like a coiled up rattlesnake and I hollered out to her galloping backside “Run, Mom, RUN!  Love you!!”

And you know what?  She made her flight with a few spare minutes to get frisked by security for her Sephora samples and take a pee.

Hugs and kisses, The End.