Spring Cleaning: The Pantry!

I started small with my Spring Cleaning efforts, but had secret high hopes I’d actually continue organizing bit by bit, making this some sort of series.  And about a week ago and a half ago, I tackled the pantry!

Actually, *two* pantries.  They are side by side.  I’m so sorry if this bores you.  You’ve been warned.

Although outdated, one of Emily Griffith’s fancy calendars hangs on the door.  Awww.

Anyway, back to the reorg.  This thing was a mess.

I had crammed those pantries full when we first moved in and after living with it awhile, we realized it was NOT working for us.  The tupperware was driving us mad, the kitchen linens were stacked in a precariously leaning tower, the extra dishes (that we use often) were waaaaaay too high, there was a weird assortment of food/baking items on one shelf and lastly, every time we opened the damn thing, a water bottle would come flying out like an escaped bat.

You know the story.  I pulled *everything* out and wiped down the shelves.

(Isn’t my hair abhorrent??)

Then I snooped around our house to find *free* storage to fix my problems.  I found a plastic shoe box to corral the tupperware lids and an old basket to house the linens.  It’s not perfect but it was FREE.

Now the dishes are much easier to grab and put away, the not-as-often-used items are on the top shelf (admittedly the waffle maker is used too often so I’m hoping the high shelf will act as some sort of deterrent) and I decided to put the food stuff in the other pantry.  Speaking of the other pantry…

For those of you wondering, the bottom laundry basket houses all of Hubs coffee roasted supplies.  This pantry may not be the worst but it was slyly out of control.  The napkins were tucked way too deep in the corners, the wire bin with our canned goods never made sense and our tea bin was chaos.

Random: both wire bins I found dumpster diving last August – see?

Like before, I pulled everything out and wiped down the shelves.  How do those things get so gross so fast?

I organized our tea bin and stacked the overflow on the side.  Normally we don’t have this much, but it was recently on sale, so Hubs stocked us up!

I used the other wire rack for small baking supplies, so I can just grab the whole thing out when I get the yearning for baked goods (which, btw, is continuously).

Our alphabetized spice rack.  *drool*

Certainly I wish I could buy all new jars – the cute ones from Ikea – so they’d all be uniform – but remember, this mission was intended to be free.  Pretty-fying it will have to come another time, maybe when I have a house again someday?  I am in love with all of the beautiful painted and wallpapered pantries on Pinterest!  One day.  Maybe.

Picture courtesy of House of Smiths.

Weird coincidence.  Sherry, over at Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs) declared a Spring Cleaning boot camp this week and she’s tackling an organizing project PER DAY. That encouraged me to at least get this post up (since I did this almost two weeks ago) and hopefully be inspired by her awesomeness to keep on keepin’ on with my spring cleaning efforts.

Here’s my big scary list:

  • our outside storage closet
  • clothes storage – also, swap out winter for summer wear
  • Old CDs that I need to rip the music off & put in one place
  • digital photos (TERRIFYING AMOUNT OF WORK)
  • digital files (gah!)
  • actual photos that I’d like to scan in as digital files (could take decades)
  • craft bin (again!) because I have stuff everywhere
  • our car! *shudder*
  • file paperwork (the worst, even worse than yeast infections)
  • laundry area
  • under the sink drama in both bathrooms
  • the office.
  • my god, there’s so much more.  I’m tired already.

Anyone else caught the Spring Cleaning Bug?  Or did you fall into the Pinterest rabbit hole, never to be seen or heard from again?

18 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: The Pantry!

  1. I love the new pantry organization by the Candace! At first it was hard to find anything (muscle memory is a blessing and a curse), but it became obvious really quickly: everything is now where it should be!

    • I think it takes a while living in a new place to finally put things where they actually belong. But, who knew it’d take me almost a year to muster up the energy and do it…wow.

  2. ooohhh….this post inspires me even more. Last weekend I opened the coat closet and made the mistake of taking out the tub and tote of winter gear to take to storage. To my disgust, I uncovered a world of dust bunnies that almost brought me to tears. I was so embarrased by my own house. That signaled a coat closet cleaning from top to bottom and now I can open the doors with pride rather than fear that a dust wad will fly into my mouth and stick to my lip!

    I also dug through baby tubs and did a little ‘nesting’ as I prepared a neat little stack of boy clothes and girls clothes to prep for baby cradick to come. Makenzie and Keaden assisted as well as it required them to down size their drawers to make room for the baby to get 1 drawer — I think they liked helping get ready for baby — I even found Makenzie digging through the baby clothes just looking curious and excited 😉

    • YAY, Connie – I love reading about your closet cleaning! Atta girl! Our closets are in *major* need of dust bunny evacuation as well. Doesn’t it feel good to have spaces officially cleaned and decluttered? I’m excited for Baby Cradick’s arrival – it’s coming up! I think it’s a wonderful idea to get Makenzie and Keaden involved with the nesting for the new baby, helps them prepare too!

  3. Cute! Can someone come to my house next? My maid has had the last year or so off because she is in school…ugh.

  4. I love it that you are organized. The gene must have come from your father’s side of the family. I cleaned the kitchen – behind the frig and the stove AND under the sink. I am having some work done and didn’t want my handyman to be grossed out. Keep up the good work, thecandace. I liked the water bottles flying out like a demented bat. LOL. Lv Mamap

    • Wow, MamaP, I am impressed! The only time I cleaned behind the stove was the last time we put our house on the market. I pulled that stove out and it was so nasty behind there, I gagged! I need to do that chore more than once every 5 years…

  5. Lovely pantry! My “pantry” aka spare bedroom, storage space, closet overflow, needs a serious revamp! Your post is inspiring me to do something…eventually. :-)

    • Hi Michelle, welcome!!! I agree, love love love John and Sherry’s blog. I’m inspired everyday – it’s overwhelming sometimes! Come back again, so nice to meet you!

    • I still remember your beautiful garage, Frank!! I didn’t feel so crazy for painting mine after I saw yours!

  6. Are you for hire? My whole kitchen needs some help. I must say that I am most jealous of your pantries. Not only one, BUT two! Lucky girl.

    • I’d love to – organizing other’s people crap is waaaay more entertaining than your own. We sure did luck out with the two pantries in this apartment – my old townhome didn’t even have that.

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