Growing things

At our old house, I didn’t have a place to plant so I just potted a bazillion things and crammed them onto our tiny patio.  It was something I really looked forward to doing every year but I always yearned for a real garden…

Luckily for us, our new apartment has these cute little plots on the property that the residents can plant in!

It’s been a beautiful spring, so last weekend Hubs and I decided it was time to give growing things a try.  We went to Home Depot with a plan and $70 later, we got to planting our very own garden!

We planted four different kinds of tomatoes (YUM), an eggplant, two pepper plants, marigolds and stock (purple flowers for our patio).  We also got some herbs from my MIL in our Easter basket, so we planted some of them in the garden and started the rest in pots at our house (those have already sprouted – yaaaay).  We picked the middle of the plot because one side looked like it was “reserved” with old rusty tomato cages and the other was so over-grown with mint that it would have taken centuries to weed it out with our wimpy garden tools.

After I carefully planted the marigolds evenly spaced around the perimeter of our veggies, Hubs decided to go ahead and plant the last two as a pair.  See, in the above right hand corner?  I may have to dig them up and move them for symmetry’s sake.

Anyway, we are giddy, seriously.  Growing things just feels good.  We’ve noticed a little visitor has been nibbling our eggplant this week (nooooo!) but I am hoping the rest survive!  Any of you planted a garden this year or just grabbed some flowers to pretty up your outside?

9 thoughts on “Growing things

  1. Cute garden!! That’s really awesome the apartment building provides green space like that :-) Yea for growing stuff!!

    • I know! I fell in love with this place once we saw the little garden plots! Hopefully I’ll have some veggies to snack on later this summer! *crosses fingers*

  2. I love your garden. You might have to plant your eggplant in a container and put it on your patio if the animals keep munching. Put some kale and chard in with your flowers so you can grab a salad off the porch. Great fun. It is fun to dig into the earth. It is a connection and one we all need to keep sane. Take care and grow good vegetables! lv mamap

    • I totally agree – a connection to the Earth is extremely important to our well being and, pun intended, grounding.

  3. I’m loving our new garden. We’ve dreamed of having a garden some day, assuming that day would only come when we bought a house.

    But now, even at our tiny apartment, we can grow our garden tomato babies. I’m way too delighted!

  4. Wow, so pretty! I wish I could plant things in my backyard. I just have plants in pots tht I try not to kill. My mom wants to give me a cactus. I’m not sure what that means yet…hmm.

    • Haha, it does seem like your Mom might be hinting at something…
      But, if I can grow a few things, then certainly you can too!

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