It was my birthday a few weeks back (ok, like last month) and I just *know* you are super anxious to hear all about it.  Let’s waste no time, shall we?

I started off my day like I do most mornings, with a run and a friend.

To my surprise she gifted me a pair of running socks and so I clutched her with gratitude.

Hubs was waiting for me when I got home, for we had a breakfast date at the local bagel shop!  It was such a pretty morning that we hopped on our bikes and headed over.  That’s when I receieved my second present of the day and you’ll never guess what I got…

A lululemon tank top that I picked out myself the week before my birthday!  Surprise!

Even Sephora jumped in to celebrate my birth by sending over a sample of two high-end lip balms.  You didn’t think those two words could go together but a full size version of this would cost you $25!

Hubs thinks it was because they do that for all of their overspending clients but I know in my heart it’s because my birthday meant something to them.

I did have to log in some work time after breakfast, but then Hubs sweetly grilled up some delicious food to eat outside in the sunshine.

But my birthday fun didn’t end there.  That afternoon, I headed to practice.  They sang me happy birthday (all 150 of them!) and then I got to jump in and run a leg of a relay workout with my distance kids.

Holy hell I felt my age.  That HURT.

As if I couldn’t be any more spoiled, Hubs took me out to dinner that evening.  We got Pho at a new favorite restaurant of ours!

And, MORE presents!!  

We capped off the night with cupcakes and an early bedtime.  Getting old is exhausting!

Before I end, I must make mention of a few more birthday highlights.

No matter how old I get, receiving birthday love in the mail is THE BEST.  It just can’t be beat.

During Mamap’s last visit, she bought me a pair of Smart Wool socks as an early birthday gift and I’ve already worn them snowboarding and to my track meets that go late into the evening.  They are so perfect!

I also got a homemade birthday delight from a dear friend.  I absolutely luuuurve it.

And finally, my MIL got me TOMS!

For those of you that don’t know, “with every purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One.”  So, amidst all of my birthday selfishness, some good did come of it!

Am I spoiled or what?

(Check out what turning 32 looked like for me last year)

14 thoughts on “Badabirthday!

  1. “Some called it spoiled, others call it ‘Loved'” ~Kingsley. Who also says: Happy-Happy Birthday!!

    It sounds like the C-Day was a wonderful celebration of TheCandace. I’m glad you got lots of Love – here’s a very long distance B-Day HUG!!

  2. You are bad to the bones!!! What a super Badabirthday. Hubs is an excellent planner. It looks like life is just getting better and better! lv mamap

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