Flashback Friday

So there’s this HUGE 10k race hosted in Boulder each year called the Bolder Boulder.  It’s always on Memorial Day and it’s insane.  It has such a large field of runners participating that the start waves go ALL morning long!  They actually set up a temporary store at the mall so you can pop in and register for the race.  Hubs and I decided to swing by on a whim during an afternoon bike ride a few weeks back, just to check out the tshirts.  Little did we know, we’d get lured into jumping on a treadmill and running TWO miles so we could qualify to get into a faster heat, all for free if we wore the shoes they provided!

Excuse my hair.  Hadn’t washed it in days because I’m disgustingly lazy.

It was not the most comfortable run donning jean shorts and a regular bra, but I’m so excited for all of hulabaloo this weekend!  It should be a good time, assuming we survive the 10k first.  It also reminded me of my last race in MN, also on Memorial Day, where I shuffled through a half marathon.  I can’t believe that was a year ago already!

Doing any running around this weekend?

19 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. I am leisurely walking through the MN Zoo this weekend!!!! We are going to visit my sister and BIL in St. Paul….yay! Have fun running!

  2. Looking forward to (and fearing) the Bolder Boulder on Monday! At least I’ll have Coach Candace by my side, helping me through it.

  3. I wish I was going to be there to cheer you on. I would love it. I am not sure I could identify either of you in a crowd but I could take several pictures of the group I think you might be in. It does sound problematic but maybe next time you are in town, I can make a tape shouting “way to go” “Kick it” “you are the best” “is that thecandace?” “Is that SIL” “You rock” and so forth. You wrote a good blog on the Rochester half marathon. I laughed out loud. Be good Be safe and have a great time. lv mamap

    • It was a wild day today Mamap…you should run it next year! We’ll cheer you on to pay you back for the many a races you were there for me!

  4. LOVE the new running digs! Good luck at the Bolder Boulder!!! I wish I had Coach Candace at my side during the Med City :-)

  5. Hi Candace!! Good luck to you and Zack tomorrow. I have some very fond memories of running a certain Med City with you. You as the bride and Becky, Connie and I as your pink girls at your side. Lots of laughs and tears with thoughts of Makayla. Such an awesome day. I miss you!

    • Awww, that brought back many many memories!! It was such an awesome & touching day. I couldn’t asked for a better group of women to share that inspiring run with. Muah!!!

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