Raves & Faves: MAY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of May loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*  I know we are half way through June, but still.

1. Revlon’s Posh nail polish!  It’s a spring-y green but unexpected.  Me likey.

I got mine at the local Rite-Aid when they were doing a 40% Revlon sale.  Wish I would have had more room in the budget because they have a ton of fun funky colors to choose from!

2.  God, I love this song by Gotye.  Please tell me you do too.?

3.  This version, by Walk Off the Earth, will make you love it even more.

4.  Totally switching gears here, but Hubs and I have been loving this salsa.  We bought it first because it was cheap, but now I can’t stand the thought of enjoying anything else.  You can find it any most grocery stores, even Walmart.

5.  Our garden.  It’s adorable and still alive!  Yay spring!

6.  NAPS.  Who doesn’t love naps?!?

7. When we ran the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day!  Whoa, it was crazytown.

We raced right out of May and into summatime.  I’m totally stoked.  Am I too old to say that?

Check out how my last May went down here.

13 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: MAY

  1. I love that Gotye song and the million clever covers.

    The Bolder Boulder was an absolute blast, and fortunately we left plenty of room for improvement for next year (carrying the camera on the run probably didn’t help our time).

    Now I could really go for a burrito…

  2. I will try that salsa. I am so glad you had a grand time at Bolder Boulder. Are you close to the fire that is raging in Colorado? I love burritos and cookies. Life is good. lv mamap

    • The fire is a sad, sad thing. It’s more closing in on Fort Collins and not Boulder, but the mountains are coated in smoke. Yuck.

  3. Be careful with the green nail polish…I had some like that and it was oh so pretty, until I took it off my toes and they looked like I had unclean moldiness on my toes….eek! And we have a place in town that is a Chipolte knock-off that has fabulous burritos…it gives that ‘other’ place a run for its money…and now I want one…and a nap 😉

    • Kate, thank you for the warning!!! I’ll have to take the polish off this weekend and access the damage. I did read a tip the other day that you can scrub your nails with whitening toothpaste and that’ll help with discoloration. Who knew!?

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