Spring Cleaning: Operation Bathroom

Pay no mind that it’s mid summer and I am still spring cleaning.  A few weeks ago, I tackled our pantries.  This past weekend was Operation Bathroom.  It was in *dire* need of some spring cleaning.  Just look at this fine display of disgusting:

My bathroom never quite recovered from my hasty flight home back from MN.  So, it’s been looking like this for a while.

I dragged EVERYTHING out.  Everything got wiped down, vacuumed out, scrubbed and sorted.  It took me forever!  But now I have order and it makes me feel so much better.

The lone drawer filled with products that I’m trying to use up before purchasing more:

Yay, I can see the counter again!

Also, I cleaned all of my makeup brushes using a water and vinegar recipe found on Pinterest and plopped them in a candle holder I got as a gift ages ago.

Underneath the sink got an overhaul too:

Hopefully I can stay on a cleaning schedule so this isn’t such a huge undertaking next time.  It feels good to take stock so I’m reminded of how much I have before I go wishing for more.

Anyone still spring cleaning or are you running around instead, enjoying the summer sunshine?

14 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Operation Bathroom

  1. Seeing the “before” shot first hand, I know this was quite the project. But the result looks great! Now I need to do the same for our second bathroom.

  2. Yay for Pinterest organizing! I did some major spring cleaning a few weeks ago for my annual apartment inspection…boy did I throw out a lot of crapola! I feel less stressed now :)

    • It sure is nice to have a deadline like the apartment inspection to inspire us! I *love* having less stuff but I still want more. It doesn’t make any sense!

  3. I can’t believe how organized and pretty your bathroom looks. Will you come & organize mine? It’s in dire need of a make-over!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I wish I could fly back to MN and hang out with you, it’d be worth cleaning/organizing your bathroom for some Tai Time!

  4. I am living in chaos once again. I decided to re-do the bedroom and bought some bedside tables and lamps. Very cool. I pulled most of the furniture into the dining room. UGH. Now I am debating painting the whole house that cheyenne tan. i will think about it this weekend and then start on Monday. WOW. lv mamap

  5. ooohh…your ‘spring cleaning’ always inspires me. I may have to retackle my bathrooms again…I think about a year ago today I did it per some inspiration from you as well…time to rewipe, reorganize. I have to admit the ‘before’ shot does NOT look like you at all! ;-P thanks for the inspiration…I’ll have to get some Saturday morning cleaning in today

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