At the end of June, I celebrated my second year of blogging.  My blogiversary, if you will.  For two years, you people have been reading my crap.  So sorry about that.

Some stats?

Total blog posts written: 320.  I’ve got so much more to chit chat about too, so hold on.

Total comments: 4,028 (!!) plus one super snarky one from a lady that I decided not to publish.  How rude!

Average visit duration this year: 1:29.  This is probably beefed up for the days that I spend reading old blog posts when I should be cleaning.

Number of unique visitors this year: 4,878 (yowzas!)

Most hits on a post: My skillfully crafted Halloween costume, I’m a hoot, but only because I linked up to a famous blog (Young House Love) to show it off.

Most comments on a post: This one, when we *finally* sold our house and racked up 31 comments!  At least half of them are mine because someone has to pad the stats around here.

States visiting thecandace: Most of my visits are from Minnesota (surprise!), then Colorado (most likely me creeping on my own blog), then South Dakota (hi, Kate!) and then there’s a strong showing from Wisconsin.  Although not many hits are from other states, I’ve got representation from all of them so I feel pretty important.

Number of spelling errors and misposts: Far, far too many.  More to come.

Other than the main search, “the candace” or variations of, the second search that led people here is “vomit”, which I am undeniably proud of.

Other searches worth noting:

  • garden gnome costume –> YES!
  • frozen banana stand
  • mustache onesie tutorial
  • a girl petting a scraggly dog –> ???
  • blonde hair with dirty roots –> Welcome!  You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re not ready for another year of this, I totally get it.

To see last year’s recap, travel in time to here.

10 thoughts on “Blogiversary!

  1. Your blog is a worldwide phenomenon! Congrats on all the success and thanks for keeping us blog readers entertained! And next time I’m searching for a girl petting a scraggly dog, I’ll know where to go :)

    • Kinda, but you *are* in your dirty 30s now so soon you’ll be saying stuff like me, “when I was your age…” *sigh*

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