Candace’s Crafty Corner: Makeup Brush Holder

This may be the stupidest craft yet but meh, let’s keep going.

I got this soy candle as a wedding gift from a friend (HER NAME IS TAI) and I loved it so much I just couldn’t bare to toss it out when it was spent.  So, I put it in the freezer…

I took a minute of my Saturday night (wiiiild) and chipped out the wax with a butter knife.  It was easy peasy.  Then, I scraped off the sticker and wick and viola!


Which is now living in my bathroom:

Cute, eh?

12 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: Makeup Brush Holder

  1. is a woman after my own heart. i love that you use and reuse the items you have and adore. did you have to cook it in the microwave? soy wax must come off easier. it looks delightful. keep up the great work. your relative in crafting. lv mamap

    • Nope, the soy wax was easy to chip out after it was frozen – it took less than a minute to clean it out completely! I’ve done it with other non-soy candles too. It’s a little more work but still completely doable.

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