Spring Cleaning: The Car

Still spring cleaning.  The end for these types of posts is not near, hang in there with me.

We took a rowdy Saturday to tackle cleaning the car.  It looked like crap.  Literally, because hundreds of birds had shat on it this spring since we park outside.

I drove around for months with it looking like this.

We paid 7 bucks for a worthless car wash and had to rinse the sunbaked poo off ourselves when we got back to our apartment.  The inside wasn’t nearly as bad but it needed a thorough vacuuming and wipe down, as well as just cleaning out Stuff.  To my surprise, I found two bungie cords perfect for bundling up the massive tarp that I had been hauling everywhere for track meets.  I was *just* going to buy new ones from of our tiny budget so I am glad to have come across them!

Anyway, you can’t really tell but our car is actually clean again.

That sure feels good, man.

10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: The Car

  1. So fresh & so clean!! Pretty sure my car needs the same…perhaps I will be inspired by TheCandace & spring clean my little put-put as well :-)

  2. Good job! I clean out my car every other week or so, because now with school, it kind of looks like a hobo lives in it, but I err on washing it, because as soon as I do, it rains, every time without fail…

    • I hear you, the rain *knows* when we’ve finally mustered up enough energy for a car wash and conspires against us!

  3. Hello Hello. I love the garage. To keep off snow and doo doo and poo poo. Keep up the cleaning. I am using you for inspiration! lv mamap

    • I’ve got lots more cleaning projects to tackle and clutter (teehee) my blog with so I am relieved they are somewhat inspiring! By the time I get through everything, I’ll just have to start over… 😉

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