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A few light years ago (Memorial Day weekend), I told you that Hubs and I were gearing up for our first Bolder Boulder.  I ran the entire 10k – that’s 6.2 miles – carrying our clunky DSLR so I could tell you about it.  Better late than never?

Memorial Day started early.  Hubs brilliantly suggested we ride our bikes to the midway point of the race loop and park our bikes there.  That way, all we had was a reasonable walk to the starting line and then the same for the finish line.  Biking saved us a bunch of headaches since all of the roads were blocked off and there were, you know, over 50k runners and their families to share the town with.  It was nuts!

My fancy timing chip:

In hindsight, we should have afforded ourselves more time at the starting line because it took almost an hour just to check our gear! We figured if we missed our wave (the one we qualified for that day on the treadmill weeks earlier), it wouldn’t matter because new waves were starting every minute for the next FIVE HOURS.  FIVE HOURS!!!

Side note: They dedicate the first three waves to all of those courageous folks, past and present, that have served our country.  Love. that.

Miraculously, we did manage to squeeze into our wave just in time…our start time was 7.15am!

A real close up pre-race picture:

Lots and lots of runner legs:

The race started and Hubs and I set out.  There was loads of entertainment around every turn and we soaked it all up!

We ran into the Blues Brothers:

We enjoyed tons of bands and jugglers and cheerleaders and people in costumes…

We may have also snacked on marshmallows

and bacon…

Obviously we weren’t breaking any records (we finished in just under an hour) snarfing down bacon and carrying a fancy camera around, but my potty break at mile 5 didn’t help things either.

The finish is awesome.  You run a final lap inside the Folsom Field stadium, with the crowds cheering you on.  I felt like I was in the Olympics!  This is what it looks like – can you spot the local wildlife?

Hubs with 6.2 miles under his belt and his hands full of race swag (including two beers!):

He was just one of the many folks picking up their post race lunch totes.

We sat in the stadium for a while, watching the waves (and waves and waves) of finishers come through.

We had a while to wait still before the elite race (the final race of the day), so I did what I always do when I have too much time on my hands:

Then we moseyed back to where we parked our bikes, grabbed a seat and a coffee to spectate the elite race, which has one of the largest purses in the country so it attracts incredible talent!

Holy fit, Batman.

Afterward, we biked home and still had the rest of the day to BBQ with friends at a local park.  Good, good times.  Well, not our actual Bolder Boulder race times but you know what I mean.

8 thoughts on “Bolder Boulder

  1. I am coming out there next year for the race. It looks like a BLAST! You need someone to cheer you on. OMG honey, I would be crying when you come in and lap the stadium. Wasn’t that moving? I am teary right now. I probably would stand next to the Blues Brothers and sing a few tunes. I’ll look for a bad suit and hat. ::)) FUN! lv mamap

    • The final lap in the stadium is an incredible feeling. I even suckered Hubs into holding my hand across the finish to capitalize on mushiness! Come out for next year’s race!

  2. This race was a total blast, and I’m so glad Candace ran all 10K of it lugging around our camera to document the scene.

    Watching the endless waves of runners stream across the finish line in the stadium was truly amazing. So proud of all those folks running hard and having fun!

  3. OMG Bacon stops?!?! I heart you Boulder! What a fun race! Looks like you had an awesome time & I give you mad props for running with your camera.

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