Friday Tidbits

*You may or may not have noticed that I’ve skipped a few Flashback Fridays as of late.  To be honest, I am having serious trouble finding old pics to show you that aren’t a total snoozefest (much like this one was).  Now that Hubs is on Instagram (THE GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME), you’ll probably see these Flashbacks Fridays morph sometimes into daily tidbits instead of blasts from the past.  I hope that’s cool.

Speaking of daily tidbits, the garden we planted a while back is finally bearing fruit!

Yeah, buddy!

Happy weekend to you all!

9 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. The sight of those tomatoes makes my mouth water. I hope the plants are still bearing fruit when I come out to visit. I like your new Flashback Friday proposition. It will be fun as usual, I’m sure. lv mamap

    • Hubs picked our biggest haul yet on Saturday, a delightful treat! We shared some with our neighbor, who is always sending us homemade treats.

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