My Presence, a follow-up

A mere six months ago, I wrote a sorta sappy post about how Hubs and I were choosing to spend time together instead exchanging loads of Christmas gifts. To save you the click through, here were the dates we had decided on:

Hubs Date:

1. A hike and hot chocolate.  As in, Hubs wants to drink hot chocolate at the summit.  That’s all sorts of adorable.  We need to find a thermos, stat.

(the)Candace’s Date:

2. I’m copying last year’s because creativity is not my strong suit and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of our morning running date, capped with breakfast.

Shared Date:

3. Either snowshoeing or cross country skiing (also a repeat), depending on what equipment we can round up on the cheap.

If you don’t remember (I barely do), we did hammer out the second date, a frosty morning running and warm sticky buns, in a timely fashion.  But aren’t you just dying to know what we did for the other two?

Frankly, we forgot about it until last week.

To remedy that, we decided to go for a hike.  We set off on Chautauqua’s Second Flatiron trail on a sunny Sunday afternoon:

Hubs also got a chance to break in his new hiking shoes, which were a total steal from Craiglist!

The hike was mostly trails, but also included some scrambling to keep things spicy.

We were blessed with perfect weather, each other and a reminder of how very lucky we are to be here in Colorado living our dream.

Eventually, we made it to the top.  Pretty view – eh?

Long gone are the days for hot chocolate, but you know I’m flexible:

Happy to be with my handsome date, especially when King size Reese’s are involved.

And, that’s it.  Hub’s date is officially checked off.  Seeing how the snow has been gone for two seasons already, we may have to improvise on the third and last date.  Hubs can’t wait to spend more time with me, because working from home and sharing every meal together just isn’t enough Candace for him.

10 thoughts on “My Presence, a follow-up

  1. Easy access to great hiking is one of my favorite things about living in Boulder. It’s such a treat (that, and the Reese’s)!

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