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*It’s true, I really can read!

THE BOOK: Say Her Name by Francisco Goldman

My feeble thoughts: Francisco writes his own true life love story, a deeply sentimental novel detailing his marriage to Aura, cut much too short after she passes away in a tragic surfing accident while they vacationed in Mexico.  He is left to pick up his life’s pieces in New York, while trying to honor her memories and cop

Sorry, I never finished the damn thing.  I got bored!

Grade: C, but I’ll take credit for the poor score.  Goldman is a wonderful writer and his love for Aura is sincere.

Would I recommend it to a stranger on the bus (trying to make his way home)? If you are the romantic type, maybe.

What I am reading now: Hubs grabbed me another book from the library about serial killers, oh dear.


10 thoughts on “The Book Nook

  1. lol…I love your book recaps! I am oddly intrigued to read this now. I also want to hear about this serial killer book…

  2. The serial killer also interests me more than the sappy love story. It is easy to write a love you forever story when you are only together for 2 weeks. ::)) Don’t read about the serial killer either. Ick. Have a great day. Lv mamap

    • I was really wondering if there was going to more of a plot or just pages of endless reminiscing – I guess we’ll never know!

  3. I take credit (blame) for this book, since I picked it up for her unsolicited from the library. A surfing accident that leaves the young woman in the hospital: sounded much more exciting than it turned out to be!

    Is it a bad sign that we are both reading serial killer books now? I hope the library doesn’t suspend our cards.

    • I watched a movie about a serial killer that was caught partly based on his reading list from the library…it was the movie se7en…creepy! So, if you decide to become a crazed serial killer, stop checking out library books and you’ll be sure to not get caught :)

  4. Kate – LOL Creepy business, reading lists. thecandace and SIL are both on my watch list as well. What is the name of the serial killer book? lv mamap

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