Camping with Candace

I secretly bugged out for a camping trip in the mountains with 27 high schoolers (oh my).  I’m one of three adults and we are setting up camp in right between the girls and the boys tents (a human buffer, if you will) so no funny business happens.  Little do they know, I rarely stay past 9.30pm.

Also, I’m not much for camping but I think living in Colorado has inspired me to be more rugged.  I made sure to pack all of the essentials:

*body spray

*homemade chocolate chip cookies

*6 outfit changes (we’ll be gone 2 days total)

and this classic eyeshadow palette, which screams camping to me:

Think I’ll survive?

10 thoughts on “Camping with Candace

    • I’m back and survived!!! The camping was actually fine (surprise!), it was the 10 mile mountain run that I got lost on and ended up running 14 miles that crushed my soul.

  1. Haha…I don’t remember Emily and ever taking makeup along when we camped as kids, but that was a long time ago, and maybe it’s different now? Anyways…I’m glad you survived!

  2. LOL You are funny, thecandace! To think about you roughing it tickles me. Since thecandace goes to sleep around 0930p, I’m sure there was plenty of outdoor activity she never had a clue about. ::)) I am sorry you got lost. You should’ve taken the GPS and duct-taped it to your chest. lv mamap

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