Spring Cleaning: Hair accessories

Hooray, I’m still spring cleaning.  I’m so sorry if you were waiting for an interesting post to pop up on this blog because today is not the day.

I decided to tackle a super small but nagging Spring Cleaning To Do: organizing my hair accessories.  Mind you, I have hardly any so the fact I’ve slapped this into it’s own blog post shows just how boring my life is.

I have one of those plastic 3-drawer thingys from Target, that I bought a few years back.  I pulled out the drawers and took a gander at what I was storing in there.

It’s not much, but it was annoying me.  Especially this one, that housed all of my hair ties and such.

I dumped everything out and wiped out the drawers (eeewww, they were nasty).  Then, I grouped like items…(did you just doze off or was that just me?) and put them back.

I snagged the clear plastic bags from my button collection, since they always come in those and I’m too lazy to toss them.  The striped bag (which was a freebie from American Eagle years ago) now corrals my assortment of bobby pins. Finally,  I found a carabiner on an old set of keys and snapped together my massive collection of hair ties.

Side note: Last summer, I bought new hair ties with the rubber backing on the inside.  You should too, they are NICE.

Anyway, on to the next drawer:

Lame, I know.  I got rid of my soft headbands (since I haven’t worn them in years) and now this drawer only holds two headbands.  But, at least they are easy to find and harder to snap in half.

The last drawer is for my earring collection, which obviously doesn’t fall under hair accessories but oh well, I had to move on.  My collection is teeny tiny, I have 12 pair.  I like it that way.  I’ve gotten in the habit of saving the little cards the earrings come on so I can stash them more neatly.  And just in case you are wondering, no, the cards don’t match where the earrings are purchased from.  They are just the ones I remembered to hold onto and they rotate around.  My sterling silver hoops got plopped in another button bag with random earring backs that were rolling around in the drawer before.

ANOTHER side note: I’m planning to get a few more every day studs or hoops that are more sturdy than the cheapo ones from Forever21 (ie: the adorable anchor pairs, which turn my ears green after one shower!).  I’ve never been one to change out my earrings daily and with my coaching each afternoon, it’s most unlikely that I’ll wear anything dangly on a day to day basis.  So, I’m on the hunt for a few more pairs – I’m thinking Kohls would be good/cheap place for some?

A THIRD side note: If I were psycho, I would have considered making my own cute matching/coordinating cards with fun scrap paper and card stock.  I’m still thinking about it but haven’t done anything because I’m ridiculously lazy.

I stashed the drawers back in their home and called it a day.  I have a second little 3-drawer thingy that holds all of my bracelets and necklaces in an abhorrent tangled mess.  I’m avoiding it for now.

Cheers to progess, eh?  Any tips for organizing your goods?  For some reason, I’m insanely interested in how people stash their stuff, so please share.

11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Hair accessories

  1. okay, I’m definately now inspired to tackle my under-the-bathroom-sink-bermuda-triangle of hair accessories! might need a little wine first, but fingers crossed! cheers to spring-summer-fall cleaning! :)

  2. LOVE your organization! I’ve been thinking of retiring the dollar store basket-like container-thing that holds all my bobby pins/clips/& other such nonsense & adding a magnetic strip along the length of the drawer. Maybe that’ll be a labor day/weekend project?

    • Ooooh, that sounds awesome, Tai! I love me some nerdy organization talk! The long weekend is the perfect time to tackle it!

  3. I love that your earring collection is teeny tiny with 12 pairs…mine must be considered microscopic with one pair!

    • Amber, I am amazed! One pair! I actually love that – it keeps life simple. I feel like a single classic pair can go with everything!

  4. Wow. You amaze me. I am proud of you. Just don’t think any of those organizational skills will rebound back to me. I assume you inherited them from you father’s side. Have a safe and grand weekend. lv mamap

    • I still have another batch of jewelry to tackle yet (still trying to figure out what to do with it all) but at least this was a good start. Enjoy the weekend too!

  5. You are so organized…would you like to make a road trip to Watertown?

    Oh, and, my sister made an earring holder out of a cross stitch holder thingy….it could work for You and give you an extra drawer!

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