Friday Tidbits

Two weekends ago, Hubs and I donned our new Buffs gear (that we bought at Safeway for 6.99!) and hit up a Colorado Buffalo’s women’s soccer game.  The admission was free, it was a super sun-shiny day, AND we brought Snarf’s to snack on during the game.

A trifecta of awesomeness, if you ask me.

YAY, Fall.

I like spring,

but it is too young.

I like summer,

but it is too proud.

So I like best of all autumn,

because its tone is mellower, its colors richer,

and it is tinged with a little sorrow.

Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring,

nor the power of summer,

but the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age.

It knows the limitations of life and is content.

–Lin Yu-tang


Friday Tidbits

Hubs and I finally made it to Rocky Mountain National Park this summer; what a beautiful place!  It looks *a lot* different than last time I was there

(My version of being a weekend warrior)

Happy Friday, hope you have a rockin’ weekend.  I’ll be chaperoning the high school Homecoming dance.  Hopefully I don’t fall asleep before the dance ends or have to break up any make-out sessions…wish me luck!

Get In My Belly: Spicy Sausage Dip

Football season is here (Hubs told me so) and what better way to celebrate the big game by stuffing your face with this manly dip (that the ladies will like too)?  I snarfed this deliciousness down one night at Emily’s house and never looked back!


  • 1 1/2 block of softened cream cheese
  • 1 can Rotelle tomatoes (with diced chilis)
  • 1 lb of pork sausage, cooked
  • Serve with tortilla chips, crackers or Fritos

**Hubs usually sets some cooked sausage aside for the next day’s breakfast, so we don’t use the entire tube for the dip.  I say, do what you want when you want, you know?


  1. Brown up the sausage.  Best not think too hard because sausage is kind of a disturbing thought.
  2. In a mini crockpot (every good Minnesotan household has at least one of these), add the cream cheese, Rotelle tomatoes (juice and all), and sausage.
  3. Wait until nice and bubbly.  THEN HAVE AT IT.

That’s it.  It’s easy to transport too!

Wouldn’t this be a great way to warm up after surviving a blizzard in Rocky Mountain National Park?

We’ll need to remember that for next time.  Brrrr.

Friday Tidbits

We had a rare rainy day here in Boulder this week and nothing warms me up quite like a steamy bowl of Pho and some spring rolls from our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

It’s the same restaurant we hit up for my big birthday bash earlier this year and it’s crazy good food.  Any Pho fans out there?

Happy Friday, friends!

Friday Tidbits

Whoa!  Friday is almost over but there’s still time to squeeze in a tidbit, right?

A few weekends ago, Hubs and I finally checked off one of our summer To Dos by hitting up  an outdoor movie.  (It was The Princess Bride, btw. I truwee wuv this movie.)  We packed up our camping chairs, some snacks (a must have!), a blanket and snuggled up for the show.

It was a really sweet way to spend a summer night with my guy.  Joining us for the movie, regretfully, was the annoying family of four that used to clomp around-scream at each other-skip going to school but play video games all day that lived above us for THREE months.  We avoided them like sunburn but I wonder if they saw us anyway.  Even in public, they were a miserable bunch.

Hope you are soaking up every last bit of summer before it heads south of the equator!!

How very Pinteresting

So, last weekend I was eating dinner with the founder of Pinterest (true story) and I decided, albeit a million years too late, to explain what this Pinterest thing is all about.

(And although tempted, no, I did not wear my Pinterest shirt to the dinner.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably close to the last person on Earth to get aboard the Pinterest train.  In fact, one of the earliest adopters of this startup was my dearie Emily Griffith, whom I’m always quick to copy

(see?  Matching outfits.)

but it *still* took me until last summer to give “Pinning” a try.  I didn’t quite understand what I was missing out on and maybe there’s a single soul out there who feels the same way.

What IS Pinterest?

It’s basically a pretty way (ie: visual using pictures) to organize anything from the web you find inspiration in and that you’d like to reference later on; whether that be a Christmas cookie recipe you’d like to try, a beautifully designed kitchen you’re dreaming about for a future home, creative pumpkin carving ideas, a new exercise routine you’ll never try, a knitting tutorial, and endless more.

See, back in the day, you’d flip through magazines and clip out (p)interesting articles, quotes, pictures, recipes, whatev and maybe, just maybe if you were Martha Stewart, you’d put it in a pretty binder, never to look at again.  I’d bet that most of us have drawers of clippings and such stashed in the stupidest places (crumpled at the bottom of your purse, in a bin in the garage, piled frighteningly on the fridge)  But now, we are inundated all of this virtual inspiration from design blogs, personal blogs (I know, it’s a heavy weight I carry, being so inspiring and all) and so many other sources that there was an actual need to organize all of that data.  I *used* to email myself links that would get buried in my inbox, never to be unearthed again.  But, Pinterest solves that problem.  Boring words aside, I think you really need to *see* it to understand it’s usefulness.

Welcome to my Pinterest board:

It’s not much, but it gets the point across.  I have 7 categories.  You can have as many or as little as you want and you can name them whatever you want and they can be ANYTHING (like photography, gardening tips/sources, books you want to read, etc).

Mine are as follows:

Holiday Hogwash – I pin any cute homemade Christmas gift ideas, free printables for gift tags, pumpkin carving ideas, holiday specific recipes to try, Easter egg crafts, etc, like my inspiration for last year’s Halloween costume:

Muy Importante Calories – There are so many amazing recipes to try, my head wants to explode.  This is where I store them for later on.  I’ve tried lots of recipes that I’ve found from Pinterest and they did not disappoint.  I haven’t made them yet, but can you only imagine how good these cinnamon sugar donut muffins would taste?

Miss Fashionista Here is where I put cute outfits I’d like to copy, hair and makeup tutorials.  Like, how DO you do that swanky Fish Tail Braid?  Pinterest taught me.  There is a whole world of stylish people out there that put together outfits/do hair for you and all you have to do is copy the crap out of it!  Viola!  Instantly fashionable, like her:

Wordy Here is where I pin adorable art (say from that I’d like to buy for our house one day, quotes that I don’t want to forget, and anything that just fills my heart up with some wordy love.

Hubs Should Buy Me –  Obviously, this is where I SUBTLY pin things I am hoping/wishing will make it into my Christmas stocking or birthday gift or anytime gift (just for being awesome, you know?).  A lot of it’s jewelry from Etsy, some Minnesota Gophers gear, adorable workout clothes.  That sort of thing.

Home is Where the Heart Is –  Here is where I put anything home related (duh) that I want to remember, such as: how to make homemade earth-friendly cleaners, Menu planning, cleaning schedules and this DIY indoor herb garden:

Crafty time – I put any DIY (do-it-yourself) lovelies that I’d like to try or, most likely, that I’ll never get around to doing but still.

Oh, are you someone that doesn’t really spend enough time online to find inspiration on the web?  You’re someone who has no clue where to look to find fun new recipes or gardening tips?  Here’s the other really, really nice thing about Pinterest.  It’s a “social” thing (like Facebook) so you can find your friends and follow them.  Usually, your friends have similar (p)interests and so all you have to do is watch what they are pinning, and REPIN IT.  It’s like copying but way more classy!!!

The other nice thing, and this is *very* important in Internet land, is linking back to the SOURCE of the recipe, idea, inspiration.  You can stow away that great idea to try later – Pinterest will always lead you back to the orignal source.  So, like, if all of you pin my famous chocolate cookie recipe to try later at that cookie exchange, I’ll still get the credit.  Word.

Before I sign off this monster post, some quirky fun Pinterest facts:

Although a super nerdy technology startup, Pinterest users are not the typical folks that use new software.  Usually it’s the early adopter, twenty-something nerdy guys, typically living in Silicon Valley or the East Coast.  You know the ones, that are always upgrading their laptops and cell phones to the next newest best thing?

No, the Pinterest wildfire roared in the Midwest amongst the most unlikely user base:  Females.  More specifically, MOMS.

You see, (just generalizing here) Moms like to scrapbook, garden, cook, decorate, craft, organize, clean.  Pinterest is the haven for organizing all of these great ideas they have bouncing in their brain on their way to pick up kids at soccer practice.

Nowadays, almost everyone is using it (my high school girls and my MIL) and I think you should join too.  Why not, eh?

Raves & Faves: AUGUST

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of August loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  The cross country season (and school for that matter) has started.  It’s MAYHEM.  We’ve got 135 kids on the team!  It was “Spirit Day” for the time trials (where the kids race on our home course to see who will run varsity for the first meet).  Aren’t my senior kids adorable?

2.  The perfect summer night: Biking to get Mexican food and ice cream.

3.  We celebrated the 2012 Olympics by dressing up as soccer/croquet players and overeating at a friend’s party:

5.  The dog days of summer are over (well, not really for Colorado), which has got me humming this tune nonstop.  God, I love this song.

6.  My new running shoes…oooh, pretty.

Let me just dispel the myth that running is a cheap sport.  It’s NOT.  These pretty babies cost me over a hundred bones and they will only last through the rest of 2012!  Owie, my wallet hurts.

7.  Colorado peaches!!!  FINALLY I understand what everyone has been raving about!

The summer days of August melted like my beloved Dairy Queens and the winds of fall are sneaking in.  What did you love about August?

Take a look back to my 2010 and 2011 August Raves and Faves if you have time to waste.