Friday Tidbits

Whoa!  Friday is almost over but there’s still time to squeeze in a tidbit, right?

A few weekends ago, Hubs and I finally checked off one of our summer To Dos by hitting up  an outdoor movie.  (It was The Princess Bride, btw. I truwee wuv this movie.)  We packed up our camping chairs, some snacks (a must have!), a blanket and snuggled up for the show.

It was a really sweet way to spend a summer night with my guy.  Joining us for the movie, regretfully, was the annoying family of four that used to clomp around-scream at each other-skip going to school but play video games all day that lived above us for THREE months.  We avoided them like sunburn but I wonder if they saw us anyway.  Even in public, they were a miserable bunch.

Hope you are soaking up every last bit of summer before it heads south of the equator!!

10 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. It was disappointing, and a little disturbing, to run into the nightmare neighbors in public, and they were at their misbehaved worst. That said, the movie was great and it was a fun date with the candace! The only thing we’ll do better on next time is bringing even more snacks.

  2. Ooh – outdoor movie! How fun!

    Man, with all those people there, what are the chances of running into the nightmare neighbors? At least they didn’t totally ruin the night :-)

    • It was a grand ol’ time, especially since this was Hub’s first time ever seeing The Princess Bride (can you believe that blasphemy?).

  3. I would’ve loved to attend the movie with you two. Remember when you were small thecandace, at the video store, and I would beg you to rent “the princess bride” just one more time? It was twrue wuv for sure. Had a wonderful weekend as well. Lv mamap

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