Friday Tidbits

Hubs and I finally made it to Rocky Mountain National Park this summer; what a beautiful place!  It looks *a lot* different than last time I was there

(My version of being a weekend warrior)

Happy Friday, hope you have a rockin’ weekend.  I’ll be chaperoning the high school Homecoming dance.  Hopefully I don’t fall asleep before the dance ends or have to break up any make-out sessions…wish me luck!

16 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Greetings Coloradonians!! Love the mountains. It is good to explore your backyard. What a life! I had a great weekend – Heidi and Levi showed up. We ate well and did some projects. Happy Next week. Be safe. Lv mamap

  2. Hey Candace! Just wanted to drop a note and say hello! I keep checking in on you guys via your blog! Please tell Zack hello for us!
    Gina & the rest of the Coopers :)

    • Think of you so often, Coopers! I love that you bother swinging by this little blog, I need to up my game so it’s worth your time! xo!

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