Happy Halloween everyone and guess what?
The little goblin is due mid-April of 2013!  #omgwhathavewedone?!?
Go forth and eat massive amounts of candy to help Hubs and I celebrate!

22 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. Congrats!!! For some reason, when I have read the the last 2-3 posts of yours I have been thinking you would be making this announcment on one of them!!! Maybe I can make money off of this talent:)

    • I think it could be a side business for you! :) Well, now it’s blog “official” but we probably should post something on Facebook too, just to cover all of our social bases. Thank you for the congrats, we are thrilled!

    • Thank you, thank you Kate! You are always such a sweetheart. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support you show my little blog and my regular life!

  2. There’s the real post! So happy for you! No advice on cheap maternity jeans. Some consignment shops carry maternity though. I know Turn Style here does…but it’s totally cute to let your belly hang out when you are pregnant. Not pregnant it tends to be frowned upon.

    • I think I need to buy 5 pairs of leggings and call it good! :) Thanks for your tips. I’m hoping for some sweet black Friday sales and by that time, I’ll be desperate.

  3. OMG! Is that proud Hubs strutting around in the background? I know MamaP is doing some moonwalking around Minneapolis “whose your baby’s gma!!!” Happy Days. Lv mamap

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  6. I am over the top happy for you guys! This baby just hit the mommy and daddy jackpot! I’ve had some blog catch-up to do after I heard your news! So fun to read all about your adventure. Did I miss the news on the house? Are you home owners? Matt and I are moving yet again as we continue to look for the perfect nest for our little family. Big Hugs – but not the too-tight belling squeezing kind! :) XOXO

    • I didn’t know you were planning to move again! How exciting, we can be house crazy together. We haven’t officially gone through the entire process yet, we are waiting to see what the inspection reveals. But, hopefully we’ll know if this beauty (well, with some major TCL) will be ours by the end of the week! Thank you for the hugs and congratulations and my pants are already doing the “too-tight belly squeezing” for us! :) Miss you, xoxo.

  7. Well……welcome to the life-changing world of mummy-hood. Just finally catching up on your blogosphere and this most excellent news. Happy bumping. I love my growing belly pics, and I know you will make such the cutest prego-lady.

  8. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!!! AND, so excited for you!!!!!! You are already a HOT MOM!

    (and, kicking myself in the ass for not reading the blog….I thought I was being all work-efficient…but look where that got me?! In the dark is where that got me….)

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