Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Think of the fun we’ll have: endless talk of poop (this will take us well into postpartum too!), nursery dreaming, pinning ridiculous crocheted hats from Etsy, as well as generally pretending to know what I’m doing when I don’t really know anything.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

My “turnover” day is on Thursdays.  I plan to do weekly bump updates so you can take this crazy ride with us (yaaay, how fun for you).  But you know my long history of making promises and failing to keep them, so there’s that to consider.

Main scoop: I just rounded the corner of 16 weeks with a weight gain of 5lbs.  And oh my, I heart this thing known as the second trimester.  I have a little bump (albeit, still really squishy) and feel pretty awesome except for nightly bouts of gas.  I still nap a lot but it’s hard to say if it’s because of the baby or if I’m actually a sloth slinking around in a human body, because I’ve always liked to sleep a lot.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 16 weeks.  Baby Bug is the size of an avocado and I love avocados!!

Body morphing: My baby gut spills over my pants now.  I’ve been patting it when I’m out and about and think it’s pretty cute for being a pale poochy mess.  I’ve really started to ‘pop’ and wearing old favorites (my $4.98 skinny jeans from Target pictured above) turns me into a crabby fool.  I have another pair of skinny jeans from Old Navy – a recent purchase from this summer – that has more stretch in the waist so I’m hoping to live in those until I can score some Black Friday deals on a pair (or two) of outrageously expensive maternity jeans.  My other jeans should get packed up and sent far, far away.

This week, I also decided it was high time to take out the belly piercing which I’ve had in longer than some of my cross country kids HAVE BEEN ALIVE.

(last belly ring shot for your viewing pleasure)

You’re welcome.  The doc said I could get an “extender” so I could keep it throughout the pregnancy but is it in the world’s best interest to do that?  I don’t think so.

Sexy stuff! Lately, I’ve been enjoying evenings soaked in my own stink; a somewhat spoiling experience for everyone involved. Also, those Baby Center liars mentioned my skin would be “glowing”; but in truth, my pores are as massive as ever and I woke up with a doozy on my face that I’m hoping will heal in time for the baby’s arrival next year.

Food drama: Surprisingly, I don’t have much food drama as of late.  I’ve noticed that I’m hungrier this week than last and I still have a handful of deep-down-where-do-these-come-from? burps anytime I eat or drink.  One thing I’m struggling with (and always have) is eating too much too fast.  But otherwise, I feel most excellent!

Exercising? I’ve been lucky to find two friends that run with me in the mornings.  And when I say run, I really mean 45 glorified minutes nonstop girl chatter.  We solve lots of problems and bitch about lots of people. Callie, a tiny PhD student (in physical chemistry, no less), runs with me M-W-F and Danielle, a sweetheart who works in mapping (oh, god, if she only knew how bad I am with maps!) runs with me on T-Th.  Well, she did up until the middle of last week, that is.  Danielle moved to Tennessee (SUPER SAD FACE) and I’ve been sleeping in and being lazy.  In the afternoons, I head to practice and only some of the time do I squeeze in a run but most of their workouts are too rigorous for me to keep up with.  The season officially ended last Saturday, where both the boys and girls team made it to the State meet.  I’m so proud of what they’ve done this season and bummed  now that I don’t have practice to attend each afternoon.

To Dos: There’s nothing urgently pending but of course I’m kicking myself for all of the projects that I’ve been too lazy to tackle before now, even though I had plenty of time.  Things like putting together a recipe binder, intelligently filing all of the docs and pics on my computer, sorting and cleaning and general organizing of finances, stuff, email, and my mind.  You know, combing through my life before we add Baby Bug to the mix and it gets all tangly again.


I guess all I can do is starting doing something and stop worrying about all there is to be done.

And randomly: Last week we received our first baby gift, this sweet knitted blanket.

My running buddy Danielle had been working feverishly on this homemade gem so we could have it before she skipped out of town for forever.  It’s so snuggly and soft and we luurve it.  I’m tempted to keep it for myself.

Until next week?

17 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. YEA!!! I am so totally happy for you guys! LONG distance hug from me to you! (and long distances kisses, tail wags & happy feet from Kingsley)

    Can I just say your bitty bump is ADORABLE! Hello Avocado-sized Garbow! I can’t wait to meet you! :-)

  2. Huge congrats on your exciting news! I had missed the earlier post..but wanted to send my best wishes from MN. You will be an amazing mom!

  3. Congrats again guys- your baby bump is sooo cute!! I miss you so much already, Candace! I did make it out for a morning run today- it’s not the same without you though. Hi to Zach for me :)

  4. MamaP is pretty darn excited as well. Levi told me what grandma means in Japanese, but I forgot it already. Maybe O go. I’ll keep you posted. Uncle Alan and I discuss the “lime” almost everyday. I didn’t realize it had zoomed up to “avocado” size. I will inform the Uncle next week when he is off vacation. I practiced reading to nephew Ryker and niece Sophie on Saturday night. I had to wrench the book away from the kids because they turned the pages too fast. I might need some work in that arena. I have a few months to work on it. lv mamap

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