Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Alert the presses, I feel awesome! I can eat and poop just like a normal person now (!!!) as well as make it through the day without needing a nap, although who would turn one down if they could?

The Science: Baby Center recap – 17 weeks. The skeleton is hardening and now, sweat glands!  I can’t think of anything cuter than a sweaty skeleton.

Body morphing: Total weight gain is 6.5 lbs.  This is the week I actually started to look pregnant, especially after I eat or drink (or have gas).  I love catching a view of my bump when I pass by a window or mirror.  It’s so sweet, I can’t help myself.

Sexy stuff! I have been gagging on my toothpaste at night when I brush.  But, it only lasts a few seconds and then I’m able to spit it out.  Other than that, nothing much to report, shockingly.

Food drama: I’m drama free, Hallelujah!  I have zero complaints unless I chug a big glass of cold water.  I must try to practice sipping – although, that’s not my style.

Exercising? I’m still running in the mornings and chatting my face off with Callie.  She’s a dear and puts up with my especially long stories because now I have to take deep gasps to spit out all of the stuff I want to say (which is A LOT).  Other than that, I’m not doing anymore two-a-day workouts since cross country ended.  But, my legs really burn when I walk up the stairs to my apartment.

To Dos: I really should draft up an announcement up on Facebook, because a lot of friends still don’t know officially.  And, I need to write a thank you for this adorable dress that our friends Chris and Amelia picked out while honeymooning in Hawaii.  If we have a boy, I’ll squeeze into it myself!

Lastly, we get to look forward to our next doctors appointment on Dec. 5th – The Big Ultrasound and Reveal.  That’s where we get to see the baby again (instead of listening to the heartbeat only) and they check out all sorts of things, including YOU KNOW. Any guesses?

And randomly: It was an eventful week. Obama got re-elected as President, I got to hear Baby Bug on the Doppler again, and we may have bought this:

A HOUSE.  WITH BLUE CARPET!  *crosses fingers*

Until next week?

14 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. I have that same shower curtain!!! I took ours to a embroidery shop though and had them embroidery our monogram (small K large L small B) in the middle of it really large, it came out pretty cute.

    • Great minds buy alike! I bet that monogram is insanely adorable – I like the idea of taking something plain and making it personal. I really want to do that in the new place, if it all works out. I’ve got new house fever something fierce and can’t sleep at night because I’m going through each room and redecorating it in my mind. I’m exhausted already and we don’t even own it yet! :)

  2. A house?! Seriously?! Exciting! But seriously, how can you claim to have a “bump” when your stomach is still flatter than mine?! 😉 Can’t wait to find out the sex!

    • YES, I can’t believe it either! The house thing just happened on Monday and an hour later we were making an offer that just barely snuck in before two other interested buyers put in offers that same day (!). It was NUTZ, I tell you! Can’t wait to tell you if Alex is going to have a boy or girl cousin to hang with at family get togethers! xo!

    • Did I mention I had homemade pumpkin bread for breakfast too? The only way this week could get better is if I could see your pretty face!

    • Isn’t it? And I know i wouldn’t do it justice by wearing it as an awkward cami of sorts. We hope we get the house too – it all comes down to the inspection this week!

  3. I can’t believe I missed commenting. I know I read it. What a darling dress. If it is a boy, I have a doll it might fit! Your life is humming right now. Levi is buying me a camera for the computer. YAY. lv mamap

  4. I’m dying of excitement! And, I can’t even remember where I posted so can’t even figure out if you commented back (and likely won’t find my way back to this one either)!!! I think it will be a GIRL – can’t wait for Dec 5! And, the house?!

    • Hubs thinks it’s a girl too – we should start a running tally of guesses! And I’ll be blabbing all about the new house soon, just need to get the appraisal before we can finalize the loan. Then, it’ll be ours on Dec. 20th!

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