Flashback Friday – Baby Bump Edition

I decided to bring back Flashback Friday – Baby Bump Edition to catch you up on what was going on in the few months when our surprise was still our secret.  Only because oversharing (and using incomplete sentences) is my way.

MONTH 1 – Finding out!

Main scoop: We were *trying* to get pregnant.  In fact, we’d been trying for a little while.  I was charting, meaning I tracked my cycle and took my temperature every morning and when ovulation was imminent…well…you know.  You’ve got to get crackin’ (an egg pun for you).

I used this one.

Anyway, this month it happened to work!  We were relieved, excited, terrified.  As far as feeling different, I didn’t really but more on that later.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 4 weeks.  Did you know that by the time you typically find out you’re pregnant, the docs already consider you 3 weeks along?  Yep, you are officially pregnant before you even conceived.  Doesn’t make sense?  The reasons why are complicated but basically 1. most ladies don’t know diddly squat about their cycle (including me until I started charting) and 2. pregnancy, duh, is gradual – so it takes while for things to settle in and the hormones to become high enough to detect them.  So, if you survive the first week after knowing – you’ve already made it through the first month!

Speaking of hormones: I present to you The Pee Stick, along with the romantic way I shared the news with Hubs:

Most of you either probably didn’t notice or, most likely, were too polite to mention anything but I missed #4 on my August 2012 Raves and Faves.  Instead of being my usual bouts of blogging idiocy, it was a purposeful placeholder to remind myself that my absolute favorite part about August was starting a little family with my best friend, my rock, my Hubs.  *gets teary-eyed*

Body morphing: There was a lot of significant (miraculous!) things going on on the INSIDE, but on the outside, I was the same old Candace.  Except I felt as though my eyes were nervous and telling, waiting to betray my newfound secret at any moment…

Sexy stuff! Well for one, I took the longest pee of my life shortly after we found out.  Seriously, Guinness Book of world records worthy. Also, I felt like bucket loads of blood was rushing to my brain and my breakfast was hanging out in my throat.  But, before all of that -when I was camping with my cross country kids – us girls got our craft on by making bracelets using strips of damp fabric that we twisted together like so:

(I know I’m biased, but aren’t my girls so beautiful?)

Anyway, holding that damn fabric in my mouth was almost intolerable.  It made me gag immediately, which I thought to be such strange reflex.  I hadn’t confirmed I was pregnant yet, but this made me suspicious (and turns out, I was right).

Food drama: There was no food drama.  And here you all suspected I’d be a pregnant little diva, didn’t you?  Pffft!!!  I’m stronger than that!

Any suspected strength gave way immediately and I turned into an incompetent, slimy, whining slob.  Look to MONTH 2 for all of the juicy (literally) details.

Exercising? I kept on running in the mornings with Callie and Danielle, then I’d head to summer running with the cross country kids in the afternoons to run some easy miles with them.  So, technically, I was running a lot but it was nothing strenuous.  But, then there was the camping trip.  To be candid, the camping trip was fairly brutal.  On the first full day, we hiked EIGHT miles in the mountains and then ran for an hour that evening.  The next day, we went on a 10 mile run (10 MILES!  in the mountains!!) but regretfully the group that hung close to the lady with the map (me) GOT LOST.  Horribly lost.  See?  I told you I was bad with maps.  We were out there for hours (3, in fact).  It was worst run of my life.  I think I have post-traumatic stress from it all.

To Dos: I had no To Dos except to pray that these first few vulnerable weeks would go by quickly and happily!

And randomly: The official cross country season started the day after I found out I was pregnant.  Was I ready to take on the first trimester AND 130 teenagers simultaneously?  You’ll have to wait and see.

Next Friday, you get to read all about Month 2!  Yay?

13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Baby Bump Edition

  1. Yea!! I love that you are taking us on this exciting journey with you!

    And Captain Oblivious here did NOT miss that August’s Raves & Faves were missing a Fave :-) How clever TheCandace!

    • I figured you would notice but are so nice not to say anything since blogging like a normal person has proven quite difficult for me. :) I should probably go back and update that old post now that the news is out!

  2. Congrats! Apparently, I need to read your blog more often because I am just now getting this news. What a joyous time for you and Hubs!

    • I’m hoping you won’t regret saying this come Month 2, it’s hairy one! How awesome that we are on this journey together! xo!

  3. Fun to read and congratulations! We’re also expecting so I can relate to much of what you mention…I feel that no one EVER mentioned the gag reflex thing of the frist trimester or the pregnant before you conceive thing, but now that I’ve gone through it, everyone talks all about both things. Perhaps I’m just actually listening now…this is very possible.

    But anyway, CONGRATS!! Looking forward to continued blog-stalking on a topic I am oh-so-interested in these days.

    Your ‘we’re both friends with Emily so why not say things like we know each other’ stalker (I mean reader).

    • I love friends of Emily, they are the coolest people! Isn’t the gag thing weird? I had never heard of either, except from Emily. Thank you for your sweet congrats. Please stalk away, I feel so honored!!!

    • I seriously cringe every time I look at that handwriting, but I was excited and had to do it fast while he was in the bathroom!

  4. My goodness. So many things in just a couple of days. I have to keep up on all of the good and sometimes gooey news. Running, getting lost, gagging on wet strings, and keeping secrets. Avocado size already!! I still think of him/her as the lime. Friday, I did a (I think) very good impression of a 17 week old baby for my office mates. Sometimes they are stunned into silence, and this was one of the times. Keep the news a’coming. lv g mo or o no.

  5. you’re awesome and love to hear about all of your running…you and do it and keep it up. Glad to hear it is all going soooooo well! That’s awesome!

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