Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I’m still feeling good baby bump-wise but a little stressed this week, to be honest.  Every time I get one thing checked off and out of my inbox, three new To Dos, emails or something takes its place!  I know it’s the battle everyone is fighting each day.  One thing at a time, eh?

(I’ll explain the blue apron tomorrow).

The Science: Baby Center recap – 18 weeks. Basically, Bug is flexing to show off his/her new found muscle coordination and the private parts are visible! Will he/she show us them on Dec. 5th or be shy, like I am in locker rooms?

Body morphing: Total weight gain is 6 lbs, down a 1/2 lb this week.  I have a little bump and Hubs has been kissing it lots and lots.

Sexy stuff! I’m still farty in the evenings, which is so awesome.  Hubs doesn’t do his bump kissing then, obviously.  It’s just too dangerous.

Food drama: Zero, it’s lovely!  Although, I’m craving coffee to get through my days.  Hubs makes me a watered-down version so I can sneak in a little caffeine because I’m?  Tired out.

Exercising? I’m still running in the mornings with Callie and her friend Clara.  Clara is faster and also not almost 4.5 months pregnant.  Needless to say, our morning runs this week have been going off on a much quicker clip than my usual pace.  And it’s been hard on me.  I come home and want to sleeeeeep and rest and take a long hot bath.  My calves are tight too.  If I feel like these runs are getting to be too taxing, I may have to bow out of them.  I won’t be able to be Callie’s running buddy for much longer anyway but I was hoping to hold on through the holidays.

To Dos: I’ve got too many at this moment, but as far as baby To Dos I want to start calling all of my wise Mommy friends and ask for their advice on STUFF. Stuff to buy, stuff to HOLD OFF ON BUYING, books to read, breastfeeding gadgets to not be scared of and products to stock up on.  I figure if I poll the field, I’ll find a lot of overlap!

And randomly: So, as of yesterday, the house we are trying to buy passed the inspection! Being that it’s 30 years old (almost like me!), there are a lot of little things that need fixing, updating, CLEANING, and painting (just like me!).  Like this gorgeous wood paneling:

Until next week?


21 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

    • I’ve been doing mega nursery dreaming via Pinterst and planning a bunch of stuff for us to do that we probably can’t afford or aren’t smart enough to make ourselves. Can’t wait to get started!

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  2. How exciting!! Congratulations on the pregnancy and the house! Wishing you and the baby (& Zack, too) continued health and happiness. Love from your WA family!

  3. You don’t really need gadgets for breastfeeding, but a good, formable nursing pillow is a must to save your neck and back. Maybe a nipple shield for collecting milk and freezing in ice cube trays instead of soaking through nursing pads until your supply regulates after a couple months. Nursing bras without underwire, and one that has a LOT of stretch for the engorgement phase. Imagine suddenly transforming into Pamela Lee but being in pain instead of looking hot. I actually used belly bands as bandeau bras during that week, and whenever dealing with clogged ducts/mastitis plus to sleep in and keep the nursing pads in place.
    I can recommend the Beco Butterfly 2 as a good newborn-toddler carrier. I have their Gemini, which I love. Beco is a better fit than Ergo for us skinny chicks due to strap placement.
    Most stuff you can do without, and lots you can wait to buy if you need it, since all babies are different and like different things. Don’t buy too much of any 1 thing or buy expensive stuff in advance – try it out and see. Like footie pyjamas. Haylie HATED them, Alice loved them. Baby swing: Haylie lived in it, Alice just wanted to lay on the floor. A bouncy chair is a good starter, a crib, a carrier or stretchy wrap, some clothes, changing table, breatheable protective mattress cover and sheets, monitor, stroller, nasal aspirator, nail clippers/file, baby oil and wash, sensitive detergent, diaper bag, a paci or two (mine only liked latex, not silicone), bath thermometer (the first time when you have parental anxiety. The second time you just feel with your elbow). No crib bumper and many like sleep sacks instead of risking blankets. Old navy’s baby socks ( with cuffs) stay on the best of those I’ve tried. Don’t get baby turtlenecks, since babies have no necks.
    A Pilates ball is good for early labor and third trimester backaches, and rice or wheat pillows aplenty since heat helps for both as well. That is all I needed for my second labor thanks to my prenatal yoga breathing.
    Just a few tips. :)

    • ANDREA. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was insanely helpful (and seriously delightful to read through!). In fact, I read through it twice! I had never thought about the impracticality of baby turtlenecks, but that is hilarious! I think it’s brilliant to reuse the bellyband as a bandeau for nights too! I have yet to get one of those because one pair of my stretchy jeans still fits comfortably, but I know that’s going to end quickly.
      Best of all, I appreciate your main advice to not buy too much – because you just don’t know what’s going to work for this particular kid. Considering how finicky and drama-y Hubs and I were as kids, I can only imagine what our offspring will be like…we are in for it.

  4. Lol, I hope Baby Drama-Llama Garbow will be easy on you. I have had one of each kind – the easy kind and the kind that makes you understand why some animals eat their young. You have to remind yourself to take all advice with a grain of salt, never compare your kid to other people’s, and accept your child for who he/she is so you don’t go insane.
    You don’t know what you are missing on the maternity pants, though. If it were socially acceptable to wear them all the time, I would. Especially for Thanksgiving dinner. Yay for socially-sanctioned elastic waistbands.

    • GOOD ADVICE. It’ll be hard not to triple check our baby’s milestones with everyone under the sun and drive myself batty because of it. Did you buy a breast pump? Off to buy maternity pants now that the massive intake of holiday calories are upon us!! :)

      • No, I never pumped even though I nursed the first 8 months and the second 14 months. We are lucky here in Sweden with 240 days of paid parental leave per parent per child. I was home with both for a year and just nursed. Kudos to all those moms in the US that nurse and work while pumping! Breastfeeding can seem like a job in itself.

        • Ah, that is so wonderful that Sweden is supportive of new moms. I am amazed, impressed, in awe of all the Mommies that have to go back to work after just 6 weeks with their little one, spending way too much time hooked up to that awful machine in some office restroom. I wish the US were more like Sweden or Canada, because that must be SO HARD. I’m lucky I work from home now (except for this new job I snagged just for the holidays) so maybe, just maybe I can get away without a pump! I’ll have to see how things go and check with my insurance. Thank you so much for your advice!

    • We are flipping out, I will call you back soooooon! I’m so sorry for the delay, I got this extra job and have fallen into bed each night at 8pm! It’s pathetic.

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