Friday Tidbits

As I alluded to in yesterday’s post (that went up late last night), I picked up an extra job for over the holidays.

With this sudden house-buying stuff (we had not planned to do it nearly this soon), we needed some extra money around these parts. ┬áSo far, all of the folks I work with have been sweet, no customers have given me the I-hate-you-face and I’m required to wear two pieces of flair on my apron -which tickles me to no end.

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Good morning from the Eastern Standard Timezone (still getting used to it and trying not to call friends at five in the morning haha). Congrats on the house!!! So excited for you guys! Also, where are you working? I can’t quite read your apron. Miss you!!!

    • I know, new time zones completely throw me off! The house is *almost* ours, although there are still lots of little stuff to take care of before it’s all final. I actually blurred out the name just so my “uber famous and influential” blog doesn’t attract any negative or unwanted attention to their company but I’ll fill you in on all the specifics in an email, promise!

  2. How are you ever going to make any money there!? I would simply spend all my earnings because how can you pass up that pumpkin spice vanilla-y goodness candle with your employee discount?

    • I know! Thankfully, my employee discount isn’t all that enticing to be honest and they keep me so busy that I don’t even have time to drool over goodies. But, my hair and apron do smell nice when I get home and I’m usually coated in glitter, which almost makes up for the pay.

  3. my eyes have gone bad and I can’t figure out where you are working??? is that a pier one apron? if so, that’s dangerous…don’t go there for the after xmas sales!!!

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