Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I’m officially at the FIVE month mark!  Hooray, half way!  I’m still feeling great and loving this little bump of mine.  Although, my crappy sleep schedule hasn’t changed, it’s the same thing every night.  I wake up each morning around 4am and have weird and restless dreams until I finally get up and address the day, feeling zapped before I even start.  I expect this sweetie pie will keep my sleep far from peaceful from here on out.  Forgive the shadows crowding my face but the Colorado sun was out to play today.  It was gorgeous.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 20 weeks. He/she is swallowing and is making special poo inside of me.  Awww, ain’t that sweet?  Kinda?

Body morphing: Weight gain is 7 lbs.  I’m packing them on faster now, weeeeee!  I know this sounds silly but I was starting to worry if my little baby was still in there, so I welcome the fact that my bump is getting more pronounced each day.  My belly and boob skin is itchy – I think it’s the combination of the stretching skin and super dry Colorado air.  A sweet friend of mine sent a perfectly timed care package with belly cream (so soothing!), a belly band! and a new scarf.  You know how I love me some scarves.

At home, I’ve been kicking around in yoga pants and sweats.  When I head into work, I’m still comfortable wearing those Old Navy jeans since they are wildly stretchy.  All of my other pants have since been retired but maybe I can squeeze into them now that I have the belly band.

Sexy stuff! I’m still farty and enjoy occasional evening heartburn when I overeat at dinner.  I’ve noticed something else too when I’m doing my makeup in the mornings.  These new friends of mine:

You can’t tell from the picture but those veins are very close to the surface of my skin and bright blue.  For those that don’t know, you have loads more blood (40% more!) flowing through your body to supply the baby with what it needs.  To accomodate for all of that new blood flow, your body creates a super highway of new veins EVERYWHERE.  Turns out, I get to wear them on my face!  This explains the pulsing and painful headaches I had in my first trimester.

Food drama: No food drama, although I am dreaming of a donuts and burritos diet.  I’m not craving them per se, because donuts and burritos always sound pretty tempting.

Exercising? I’m still running with Callie in the mornings.  It’s good for my legs, my heart, my mind, and my social life.  It was my first day of pre-season track today too.  I missed my kids’ sweet faces.  I even got in there with them and did some (slow-motion) dynamic drills and a handful of (pathetic) pushups.  I looked ridiculous.

To Dos: This week, we have to start packing up our apartment!  The appraisal went well and now we are hoping to get the final clear for our loan.  I also received the maternity clothes I ordered from Gap in the mail.  I’m super happy with the shirts I grabbed (two tanks and a long sleeve) but the jeans fit awkward, just as I had feared.  They are too long, not exactly “skinny”, and the waist band seems like it fits now but won’t as I get bigger.  The crappy thing is if I want to return them, I’ll have to ship them back myself since it’s online only.  On the sunny side though, I snuck in a beautiful scarf with my order and it’s oh so cuddly.

(Pretend I’m not wearing competing stripes.)

And randomly: Last weekend, we hit up Home Depot to check out flooring options and paint swatches for the new house:

Maybe not all at the same time but aren’t those bold accent colors fun?  Now I think I’m leaning towards the green for the nursery no matter what the sex, with gray, white and navy (or black) to soothe its rowdiness.  Yum.

Until next week?


12 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

    • Jessica! Thank you, your words comfort me when I worry how this whole Mommyhood suit is going to fit on selfish old me. We have two girls names we looooove, but boys names are really hard. Impossibly hard for us, in fact. We’ll have to keep brainstorming…

  1. Congratulations! Are you sure on your Gap invoice it says “mail only”? If not, you can fo shizzle return in store and not worry about return shipping :)

    • Thanks, Jen! Yeah, unfortunately all of the maternity items specified on my invoice it was return by mail only but my new scarf and the sweats I ordered for the Hubs are returnable at the store. Phooey, because we are keeping the scarf and sweats! So bummed those jeans didn’t work out!

  2. Dang…love those colors for the house. You really are good with the colors and helped me pick out many of colors in my house!

    I’ve been missing out on your blog so I’m trying to catch up while the little ones are still napping..dam…should I be napping? I can’t stop reading your blog as there is so much I need to get caught up on.

    I love reading the gory details…farting…he got hemmorhoids yet? lol

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