The gender verdict is in!

Our Colorado baby is a…

She has little lady parts!  After getting myself all worked up, we had a lovely, zero drama ultrasound today. It was sweet and wonderful and Hubs held my hand. I got choked up when she popped up on the screen, with her fists by her face, her legs kicking, and her mouth moving. She’s going to be part of my family…I can’t get over it.

The only thing they mentioned is that my placenta is hanging a tiny bit closer to my cervix than they’d like to see normally, but typically it shifts away later on in the pregnancy. It’s something that shouldn’t affect development, but could cause complications at birth. They are going to keep an eye on it and that was it!

We went out to lunch, just the two three of us, to celebrate the news with a big bowl of pho. I had to lay down and take a nap afterward because the day was overwhelming for me.  Am I spoiled or what?

Thank you for all of your love and sweet thoughts. I feel strong with all of you around me, holding me up.

xo, Candace

20 thoughts on “The gender verdict is in!

  1. I had a low-lying placenta with my second. I had to go in for another ultrasound about week 34, but it had moved upwards. A fairly common scenario. Don’t worry about it for now.

    It is a fun moment to see the little person inside of you. It is like you don’t really believe it until you see it. With my 18 week ultrasound with my oldest, I exclaimed “It’s a real baby!!!” The ultrasound tech looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “Of course it is.” I had been having dreams that she was a codfish named Lisbeth, so it was nice to have that refuted.

    • A codfish, that is too funny! It’s exactly how I felt too, you start to really wonder if anything is actually floating around in there? Did it take off when it realized I was just using them to eat more calories?
      Dang those low lying placentas. Here I thought mine was looking quite attractive until the ultrasound tech crushed that theory.

  2. Yea!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you & Zack & your sweet little girl!! I’m also very glad that the ultrasound was drama free. What an awesome day with so much happiness & wonderfulness to celebrate! :-)

    • It was an awesome day, I should have taken today off of work to recover from feeling so loved and so supported and so happy. I’m a wreck.

  3. heck yeah…a little girl is a perfect addition to your family. I got chills reading this post cuz I’m just so darn excited for you. Picturing you seeing her for the first time just makes me smile!

  4. How exciting! I remember during our 20wk ultrasound, we felt so guilty about being nervous! We had heard stories about people loving the experience & looking forward to it. We just we’re there. We also had such heavy hearts & from our medical background knew all of the stuff that “could be there” or “couldn’t be”. It WAS scary!

    It’s not easy becoming parents & looking back at it now, it was one of those beginning steps of learning to love someone, who’s like a phyical part of your heart beating outside your body, with that unconditional love that only a mama (& daddy) know.

    To say we held our breath during each measurement, looking at each heart chamber, looking at that beautiful tiny brain would be an understatement. Now nearly 2 years later…I think part of us is still holding our breath. Guess that’s part of this journey as parents, guess it’s part of trying to navigate in all of that L..O…V…E that is so indescrible!

    On a side note, I also had the low laying placenta, but it was placenta previa & completely covered the cervix. That too was scary. Not gonna lie, it was. But we changed our game plan, took things much easier, rested a lot, followed our doctor’s advice, actually had to change doctors & were big advocates for the care of our little girl. If you ever need a little research on it or just need to bounce off ideas, fears or treatment options…just shoot a message our way!

    Congrats you guys! What a big day! What an amazing journey!

    • Shelby, your words described it how we felt so perfectly. Holding our breath the whole time and it seems as though you never really stop holding your breath when you become some person’s parent. Thank you for your advice and comment – I’m so happy that you have your little sweet girl despite the scary and worrisome circumstances.

    • and lace and sparkly stuff and uncomfortable shoes and everything else girly! Gosh, I hope she loves chocolate! Isn’t that a gender specific requirement?

  5. Congrats on your impending daughter! Can’t wait to see her trending and I’m excited to pass along little girlie things. I know you have lots of people offering advice, but if you ever have any questions or want to know if a two-day long labor and natural birth are possible, I’m here to give you the news that it is. You will be such a rock star mama. Xo

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