Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Obviously, I was very anxious leading up to our ultrasound appointment, but I feel much better just knowing things are okay. This week was overwhelming for me: I worked a lot of hours, I didn’t sleep well, the ultrasound was simultaneously terrifying, absolutely wonderful and emotionally taxing, the holidays are sneaking up too fast, and our To Do list felt daunting. I had to sit back and remind myself that if Christmas cards don’t get done on time this year, it’s not the end of the world!

A little fun fact: I bought this scarf for MamaP for her birthday, as well as one for myself because I’m greedy and couldn’t resist. For good luck, MamaP wore her scarf to work the day of our ultrasound. Isn’t that sweet? Hubs also confessed to me later that he had on his lucky boxers (they have 4 leaf clovers on them) for good luck too.  Adorable!

The Science: Baby Center recap – 21 weeks. Baby girl has eyelids and eyebrows! Oh my, I can only imagine those eyebrows. Between Hubs and myself, we’ve got eyebrows to spare. Poor thing. I’ll have to put tweezers on our baby registry.

Here is our first family pic!

I know. Between years of tweezing and Instagram politely obscuring my eye fur in the above pic, you may not believe the whole loaded eyebrow bit from earlier. Just trust me, I’m hairy and so is Hubs. Awesome, huh?

Body morphing: Weight gain is 8lbs. I’m still wearing the non-maternity Old Navy jeans that I bought for cheap this summer. Don’t be too impressed, they are the only pants I wear these days besides my black yoga pants. The jeans are nothing short of hilarious because I don’t even have to unbutton them when I use the bathroom, that’s how stretchy the waistband is. I haven’t busted out the maternity tops from the Gap, but I imagine it won’t be too much longer.

I *finally* noticed little flips inside! It feels like tiny stomach burbles. I was starting to worry since four weeks ago, my doctor said I’d start to notice movements and I still hadn’t until this week. During the ultrasound Bug was dodging around and even though I could see her moving, I couldn’t feel it. Thankfully one morning, Hubs felt one little flip too! I was so excited for him since we’ve been trying to catch baby girl in action for a few days.

Sexy stuff! I hate to admit it with all of this amazing stuff going on in my life, but I’ve been irritable. This isn’t new news either, it’s been going on for a while. I’m short tempered, my mood changes fast and I’ve snapped at Hubs, which I feel totally crummy about.

Food drama: No food drama still. I’m a very lucky lady! We’ve been eating in even more lately and Hubs is always crafting up something scrumptious.

Exercising? I’m still running with Callie, Monday through Friday. I take the weekends off. I was able to make it to track practice again this week and jumped in for some pushups, lunges, and core work (during which I was petrified that I would toot audibly at any moment). I was sore afterward, but that’s not out of the ordinary for me. I know this shouldn’t officially count, but I bust my butt at my new retail job. I honestly feel like every shift is a workout with all of the lifting and moving and hurrying I do.

To Dos: We have lots To Do. We need to find pediatrician, return those Gap maternity jeans and a TV we bought that’s too big (we’ll have to rent a truck!), finish my baby registry, take our car in for maintenance, figure out how to cash in all of our investments for the down payment, pick out floors for the new house and schedule the installation, put the tree up, bake Christmas goodies and get gifts bought and shipped to family back in Minnesota. And maybe, squeeze in Christmas cards somewhere if we can. Oh and also? We still haven’t started packing up the apartment…

 And randomly: As you probably already assumed, our loan finally (finally!) got officially approved late last week. The house is ours! It’s a huge weight lifted off our shoulders!

Until next week (which is actually only a few days from now since I’m late on this post)?

13 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. I knew the scarf would do it ::)) although I didn’t realize SIL had on his clover boxers. That took it over the top! Great Grandma and I are shopping for baby clothes. YAY!! Also books. I just love books and know thecandace is reading to the lime. Very important. I have to figure out how to make a cd so I can send it to the baby to listen to at bedtime. I am so excited. Sometimes, I just pinch myself, I feel so lucky. Hugs and kisses to all. Just remember, I sent out Christmas cards in January for over 20 years. You might want to start that tradition. ::)) lv mamp

  2. Ground Hogs Day cards are AWESOME! Hey, very unexpected to the happy mail recipient & brings a little color to a day where brown gets all the glory! :) And if that’s not possible…there’s always Arbor Day…a little holiday that also gets overlooked far too often!

    Cheers to a week with less stress & filled with the joy of baby girl flips!

  3. I’m so happy for you & Zack & baby-ette :-) Yea for the house! Yea for the healthy bean growing inside you & yea for good luck accessories & underpants!

  4. wowzers…what an update? your to do list stressed me out too. just do the high priority items, the rest can what is fun and what you want to do 😉 glad to read you are feeling well too….that is AWESOME! keep it up hot momma!

    • I think most of my To Dos are self induced – so I’ll have to take your advice and prioritize! It’ll all work out just fine and we’ll be living in a new house soon, I shouldn’t complain! Miss you, xo!!!

  5. Can you ask Zack to program a “To Do List Completer” app? More specifically a packing and unpacking app? I feel this would be a huge hit, especially for pregnant women in the midst of moving. :) Hang in there!

    • Emily, I’m still amazed thinking back on the nutty summer you had and surviving the cross country move to Maine, all while creating a human. HOW DID YOU DO IT? I’m exhausted trying to even imagine! I’ll have Zack get right on that app, we both need it stat!

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