Friday Tidbits

A double post today, how did you get so lucky!?

Since crabbing about my To Do list earlier this week, I thought it only fair to share that I did put up the Christmas tree (sans the red ornaments to save time) and got some Christmas shopping and cookie baking done. It’s the same decor as last year, except pared down. There is more to do, but progress feels good! I love lighting this sweet thing every morning when I head out for my run.

If you are feeling nostalgic, you can check out my 2010 and 2011 Christmas decorations. Although, it’s all the same stuff so I’m not sure you’ll find the jumps overly exciting.

We also started receiving Christmas cards in the mail!  Awww, I love this time of year.

I’ll be sharing a super delicious cookie recipe with you on Monday!


11 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Happy Holidays TheCandace, TheHubs & TheBug! :-) Your tree looks lovely! I love coming home to my bright & merry tree (thank goodness for timers that turn on the Bright&Merry for me!)

    • Happy holidays to you, my sweet! There is something so magical about a beautifully lit Christmas tree. I’m glad the timer turns it on to greet you after a long day!

    • I hope so! I skimped and only did gold ornaments this year from my stash, instead of going all out red and gold. It saved time and it’ll make the post holiday un-decorating go much more quickly as well!

  2. Since Levi is coming up to visit this year, I am thinking I should put up a few decorations. Fun!. I have sent out some cards but still have some to go. I always debate whether I should send them to people I see all of the time or not. I haven’t baked anything which is so good for the general public health. ::)) But I have been eating some yummy cookies and Christmas bread. Decorate and eat and be safe. Lv mamap

    • You should, decorations make everything feel warm and wonderful. Oooh, I want some of this “Christmas bread” – sounds amazing!

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