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Welcome to our new house, home sweat home. It’s going to take a lot of sweat equity to transform it into something that feels like us. Want to follow along as we make it ours?

Let’s start from the beginning. As you know, on Dec. 20th, we got the keys to this beauty:

It’s a tri-level located in a lovely little town just outside of Boulder. At 1800 square feet, we think it’s the perfect size for us. The previous homeowners raised two girls here and are now setting sail on a catamaran off the coast of Florida. How’s that for awesome? Come on in, let me show you around.

Most of these pictures are from inspection day so it still had a lot of the homeowners stuff in it, including their dog Moo. We wish we could have negotiated him into closing contract.

Here is the living room, just inside the front entry.

It has real wood floors and a vaulted ceiling (yummy). If you head up the stairs (hello there, blue carpet),

you’ll find the master on your left, adorned with an eerily similar bedroom set as the one we have:

Here is a view from inside the master, it has a second sink and vanity. To the left is a full bathroom (the only one on that level) and to the right is a small walk-in closet. Also, holy robe collection, Batman.

The walkin closet even has a window! I guess I won’t be doing much changing in there.

Here are a few pics of the bathroom:

 It’s a tiny space, so it was difficult for me to figure out how to photograph it. In the reflection you can see the tiled shower and it has a tub too. To the right of the vanity is the porcelain throne:

Back out to the hallway, we have two smaller bedrooms on the right and a linen closet at the end.

As for the other bedrooms on this level, one will be Hubs’ office

(the office closet – it has stairs…):

and the other the nursery! Of course I didn’t take a picture but it’s almost exactly the same in size, color and window placement as this room, with a little walk-in closet instead of the wide one pictured above.

Back down to the main level – If you turn your back to the entryway, you look straight into the small dining area and doors that lead to the deck and backyard. Moo photobombed, he was so excited to have company!

See their table? It’s a bizarre coincidence, but it’s the EXACT table Hubs bought before we were married – with the same slab of mauve-y granite! Check out this pic from our townhome of yore:

We sold ours before the move to Colorado because we knew we didn’t have room for it in our apartment. Plus, that thing is HEAVY. I didn’t want to re-acquire it by buying this house!

To the right of the dining area is the kitchen, stylishly decked with a wallpaper border:

The mystery door on the left is the pantry and the door on the right leads to the garage. I don’t have a picture of this either (it was full of stuff) but it’s an awesome size and just begging for me to build a killer mudroom!

The stairs on the lefthand side of the dining room lead down to a den, or third level. Yay for paneling, more blue carpet, too many cords for electronics, and puny lighting.

Off of the den you’ll find laundry closet (on left), the second 3/4 bath (straight ahead), a linen closet, and the final bedroom (on the right):

The second bath looks pretty similar the one upstairs, with the same flooring and shower (just no tub). I tried wedging myself in there to snap some pics but it was too small. Across from the toilet is another closet, which is really nice. I can’t wait to pretty it up with paint and bins!

The final bedroom is going to be our guest bedroom.

It doesn’t have a closet. Who makes a room without a closet? We suspect that’s why there is a linen closet in the hallway.

Here is another view of the room, with Hubs and their movie collection…

Back up to the main level now. Just outside the dining area is our massive composite multi-level deck. It’s 500 square feet, which is over half the size of our curent apartment. The hulking pergola makes it feel even more of a monstrosity. Hubs fell in love at first sight but I was weary. Bigger isn’t always better and this deck scared me.

In addition, it has a connected walkway to a hot tub, with another pergola (you can see it peeking out in the righthand corner of the above pic). What little there is left of a yard is actually pretty cute and I’m dreaming of a garden. It’s fenced all around too which we are thankful for because it helps to hide our backyard neighbor’s tree house, covered hot tub, patio, and loads more of their stuff. They have a lot of things.

So, there you have it, our new-old little abode. We’ve already made a lot of headway since inspection day! Stay tuned, will ya?

18 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

  1. Yay! Thanks for the great tour guys! I’m with Zack, that deck is a-ma-zing! It’ll be so fun to see all the new touches & love you pour into your new home! The wood floors & vaulted ceilings are awesome & I’m lovin’ that window in the living room….too bad Moo wasn’t included in the closing contract, he’s a cutie pie! Have fun guys & congrats again!

    • Shelby, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you, we are so excited to move in and make this place ours. I’m warming to the deck, especially with all of the Colorado sunshine to take advantage of. I must admit, I waver from gusto and DIY enthusiasm to being overwhelmed and tired before we even begin. Since we couldn’t keep Moo, we’ll have to get a fur baby of our own…

  2. Congrats & Thanks for bringing us along on the first step of Garbow-a-fying your new house! I think Zack’s right about the deck – it’s ah-mah-zing & just think of all the time you’ll spend in the sunshine, sipping ice tea & playing with the munchkin. So much good stuff going on – yea!!!

    • Even though I wasn’t initially a fan of the composite, it will hold up really nicely over time and there won’t be any splinters to worry about on scooting baby knees! Thank you for the congrats, each day we spend working over there feels a little more like home. *sigh* Our little home!

  3. Your home is beautiful!!! I so look forward to watching you guys make it yours and enjoying it with your FAMILY for many years! Congratulations – much happiness!!!

    • Thank you, Megs! After two painting mistakes, I have a little painting paralysis since I can’t seem to find the right color. Hopefully I get over that soon, every wall in this house needs a fresh coat!

  4. Congrats…looks like you found a hidden treasure! It really is amazing!…so glad it worked out for you guys on a day that seemed to have a lot of viewers…whew they took your offer! Love all of the pics!….can’t wait to see how you guys transform it though I’m sure you’ll miss the blue carpet and wall paper! 😉

    • You’re right, we feel so lucky to have put in an offer right away, even though I wished I had more time to think it over. So glad we did! Haha, and yes, that blue carpet has to go, stat!!!

  5. I’m most looking forward to enjoying the deck, the den, the garden and the nursery. Four things we’re really missing out on here in our apartment. Oh, and sleeping without earplugs – that will be such a luxury.

    • Finally, some peace and quiet. We need some bad right about now with the herd of buffalo that moved in upstairs and smoke weed out on their patio.

  6. I am so excited on all of the new changes in your world. This looks like a great house to start/grow your family. Enjoy each day…one day at a time :-)

    • Thank you, Lydia – you are such a doll! We are so excited to work on making this little place our own and eventually raise our family here. Awww, I’m so blessed.

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