Friday Tidbits

Yesterday we rented a flatbed truck and filled it to the tippy top after a swing by The Promise Land (Ikea) for new house stuff…including a crib and baby mattress. ¬†Awwww.

It was a marathon day of errands and we are much poorer now. Dang it feels good to get these house To Dos checked off our list though! We only have a few more days left of 2012! Are you trying to squeeze in any more memories or projects before the sun finally sets on this year?

5 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. hi new homeowners- watch that money drain out of your duct tape wallets. ::)) Heidi and Levi were supposed to hit up IKEA today but plans went awry. I need bookcases. Have a sweet weekend. lv mamap

    • Everyone in the whole world has those Expedit bookcases from Ikea because you can build them to fit any space. Might want to check those out!

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