Christmas haul

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! What better way to celebrate a fresh start than to talk about Christmas still?

I know the holidays are supposed to be all about spending time with those you love and feeling gratitude for all that you have. But, I can’t help myself. I’m interested in what people got (or gave) for Christmas so I thought I’d share with you my Christmas haul, in case you secretly feel the same.

Last year, Hubs and I did a few gifts and dates (one of which we still have yet to go on, how did 2013 sneak up so fast?). This year, we pared it down even more. We budgeted $50 to spend on each other (for reference, last year was $75). Of course I sucked the fun out of “the hunt” and told Hubs exactly what I wanted, even handing over 10% off online coupon code for him to use. I wanted this set of makeup brushes and was willing to pay the difference out of my own spending budget since they ran about $65.

I got the travel set because 1. They were cheaper but still had all of the brushes I was coveting, just shorter handles and 2. Now, duh, I can travel with them, like my trips back to MN. They are also vegan (synthetic instead of natural hair) and so awesomely soft. Plus, they don’t shed like my old ones!

I LOVE them, truly. Thank you, Hubs!

Of course, Hubs wanted to donate his $50 gift to charity. Someone has to be the greedy one around here and I guess that’s me. But just before Black Friday, Gap was having a pretty stellar sale. That’s when I picked up a few maternity shirts and the maternity jeans that didn’t fit. I also snagged (on a whim) a pair of sweat pants and two pairs of socks for Hubs.  Buying clothes for him is next to impossible, so I assumed the sweats would be a bust. I had him try them on when they came, figuring I’d have to return them. Surprisingly, they fit (this never happens) and he’s been bumming around in them constantly. We decided that they would be his one physical present (all $18 of it) and the rest would go to charity. I’d add the pic and link but it looks like Gap doesn’t have them anymore, phooey.

Because Hubs loves furbabies, I thought donating the leftover $32 to the local Humane Society would be the perfect way to round out his Christmas gift. I know it’s not much, but every little bit helps. I’m proud that this guy of mine made some fuzzy life a bit easier and safer.

 Still, I knew he’d love the socks and needed to replace a few pairs that bit the dust this year. I snuck them under the tree and took them out of my own budget because I wanted him to have something to open besides a card about the donation…

As well as another surprise that awaited him at our new house – reinbeer!

Besides the gifts we exchange with each other, we also draw a name on Hubs’s side of the family. We used to do the same with my side but scrapped that tradition last year because my extended family is so large (and just keeps growing!), as well as being spread out across states. For my gift, I got a $50 giftcard to Macy’s from my sister-in-law.

Me thinks new activewear is calling…or boots?

My MIL puts together a super sweet (literally) stocking for us each year and this year it housed goodies like hand towels, candy, kitchen utensils, a Willow Tree figurine celebrating my upcoming journey into parenthood, and a handmade wallet made out of duct tape!

My BIL Gabriel always surprises us with some amazing handmade gift. Last year, it was wine-infused jelly (which was to die for) and this year he sketched our portraits for a personalized notebook:

He’s a talented guy and has his own art blog here.

My friend Emily sent this snuggly yoga wrap along with a subscription to Yoga Journal- an unexpected (and very fancy!) surprise considering she has been busy moving across the country, buying a house and growing her own little human. As you all probably know, this girl has incredibly good taste and I’m stoked to have something she picked out. Plus, it’s soooo soft. I’m all about that these days.

And finally, my friend Tai sent us handmade goats milk soap.

God, I love her.

Aren’t I spoiled? What was your favorite thing under the tree or in your stocking this year?

13 thoughts on “Christmas haul

  1. I’m so glad the brushes worked out! You’ve been desiring those for over a year, and I’m thankful I could give you such a coveted gift.

    And I love that you chose the Humane Society for my donation! Hopefully we’ll be helping them out again this year, by adopting a little guy or gal.

  2. Aww, Hubs, you are too sweet! The fur ball children loved the money, I’m sure of it.

    And I love your wrap; such a pretty shade of purple…and those sketches are amazing!

  3. What kind of puppy are you going to get? I love our pets. Levi and I so enjoyed the portraits from Gabe as well. He is so cool. Their get togethers are a great place to get some neat gifts. We even scored an ornament from Noah. I can’t think of much that I wanted this year or what I received. Levi bought crab legs and made me a dinner. I loved that. thecandace sent some wonderful homemade chocolates. It was a wonderful Christmas. And I am glad when it is over. lv mamap

  4. Furbabies everywhere adore the Hubs! I know the little furbaby cuddling next me sure adores the both of you!
    I’m so glad that you enjoy the soaps – they’re made with goats and love :-) Oh – and quality make up brushes are key! I’m so glad you got such an awesome set!!!

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