Friday Tidbits

Our New Year’s Eve was wiiiiiild.

We worked all day and then changed into pajamas pants, watched a movie and even stayed up until 11pm! The only thing I would change is getting an earlier bedtime.

I’m looking forward to 2013 – we get to meet this little baby of ours, nest in our new house and I have lots of blog ideas swirling around my foggy brain that I want to share with you. Cheers to a new year and fresh start – it feels good to reset.

8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. You guys belong in a jungle – you are so wild. ::)) I worked all day and came home at 9pm and stayed up until 10 pm CST. That was close to midnight anywhere east of the Mississippi. New Year’s Day was reserved for sleeping. Didn’t feel the best and by Wednesday evening, I realized I had the flu that wasy going around. Ick. I hope this stuff doesn’t get to Colorado. What a cool year 2013 will be. Lv mamap

    • YUCK, the flu!?! I’m so sorry to hear, that’s miserable! I need to get a flu shot – did you get one this year? You really should – we are vulnerable!

  2. i love this pic! And, I loved the reinbeer! So awesome, totally doing that next year! Just checking in on you – and sending LOVE!!!! BTW – I had the BEST prenatal yoga. It was still a challenge, kept me strong, and got me ready for the marathon (birth!). It was a perfect substitute after my body wasn’t as up for running anymore. Email me and give me your new address and I will send it to you!!!

    • Megs, prenatal yoga sounds PERFECT for what I need right now since I’m losing strength and stamina. I’ll email you to get the goods – thank you for the advice!
      The reinbeer was a hit, I highly recommend it!

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