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Last time we “talked”, I blabbed on and on about our den. Should we jump upstairs to the nursery? Ok, twist my arm. Let’s take a quick tour first.

Behold, a boob light! Maybe breastfeeding with go more smoothly with Baby Girl staring up at that thing all of the time?

The nursery has a walk in closet across from the window. It’s in hideously rough shape:

Three cheers for dirty floral contact paper, yaaaaay.

While Hubs was priming our paneling monstrosity, I was upstairs dreaming of snuggly baby butts and painting the grody trim a nice fresh white. And also? Testing out some grays. Like I mentioned earlier, I was really digging Elephant Skin but Hubs grabbed Ashes (which I immediately disregarded). To play fair, we got a sample of both.

To my dismay, Elephant Skin seemed too dark (especially when I imagined it paired with the incoming walnut floors) and Ashes was obviously “too blue”. But, the trim looks great!
That’s when we pulled the trigger and got a gallon of “Gray Horse” by Benjamin Moore and I painted the whole nursery on Christmas Day, while Hubs was still slaving away with the primer downstairs.

GASP. At night, it looked sage-y and during the day? Reminiscent of muddy toothpaste. I was so sad. It wasn’t an ugly color by any means, but it was not what I had imagined. I should have know this would happen, seeing how I painted the living room of my first house five times before I liked the color. After that, things got g(ray)ve. You guys, we tried SO MANY grays.

We played with the formulas by lightening them and by the end, I lost all confidence in myself. In a last ditch effort, I slapped up a swatch of Ashes again…but this time, it didn’t look so bad/blue. I left it up for a while and turned my focus to gussying up the paneling downstairs with Hubs, so the nursery sat confused for a while.

But I did make my way back eventually, with a full coat of Ashes. JACKPOT.

I know, I’m a terrible photographer! Promise you, it’s a lovely gray. I’m brainstorming something funkier in the closet, so we just left it unpainted for now.

Meanwhile, our floors had just been delivered and they needed three days to cure. We had to start ripping out carpet STAT.

See? All plucked and ready to go!

Did you noticed that ugly cord coiled up in the first pic’s corner? It’s TV cable and the previous homeowners had them snaked to every room throughout the house. It was a mess. Even worse, the cords would disrupt the new flooring work because they’d have to lay the floors around them. We had a cable guy come out to snip those wiry reptiles away while the flooring guys worked simultaneously – talk about clutch timing!

That brings us to a very anticlimactic night time pic of the nursery with its pretty (albeit, very dusty) new floors. This was taken the night of our floor leveling escapades and my exhaustion is painfully apparent.

That’s where we are at now. Hubs did assemble the crib and we had the movers stash an old Ikea dresser in there, along with the baby gifts we’ve received so far. I have big plans of making over that dresser in a punchy color, adding art, curtains, itty bitty baby clothes (awww) and more… I just need to unpack our kitchen first because this is what our dinners have boiled down to lately:

Yes, that’s Frog tape and a block of cheese.

14 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

    • I’m hoping if our nurseries are kinda similar that our babies will either get married or be life-long BFFs so we have an even better excuse to fly across the country to see each other. Think it’ll work?

    • I sure hope so! I get a little overwhelmed thinking about everything that I want to get done before my precious sleep is stolen from me for night time feedings/diaper changes/cuddle sessions… :)

  1. Gray with yellow accents seems to be the rage at the moment if pinterest is a reliable source. I like the idea of an accent color in the closet.

  2. We can paint the closet when I am there or do the dresser. You have to go grocery shopping because I need more than cheese with green tape. The nursery is darling. Excitement. Lots of work. I’m proud of thecandace and SIL. Lv mamap

    • Don’t worry, we always prep good food for you when you come. I haven’t fully decided on what I’m going to do for the closet and dresser but don’t worry, I have lots more projects we can tackle on your “work-ation”. :)

  3. It looks beautiful!!! The gray is gorgeous & it pairs with the floor like a gourmet meal & a fabulous glass of wine! Ooh, is it bad form to compare a nursery with alcohol?? Sorry Baby Girl Garbow! The gray & the floors go together like Winnie the Pooh & Piglet (have I redeemed myself? – please say Yes!).
    The nursery is going to be fabulous & will be will be perfectly Garbow-a-fied by the time Baby Girl Garbow makes her entrance into this world (can’t wait to meet you little Girl Garbow!)

  4. you guys are truly amazing. And, I can’t believe you painted your previous living room five times. I am such a wimp about painting!!!!!!!! Your house and the nursery look awesome!

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