Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: This is our first full week living at our new house. Every day feels better than the last and starting my mornings with the quiet sun beaming through our windows shrouded by shoddy trim makes me very happy. Home feels good. As far as the pregnancy, I’m exhausted but you knew that already.

Isn’t this sweater cute? My MIL picked out three pieces of maternity wear for me and I was SO EXCITED. She bought me this gray sweater (you know how I love me some gray) and a super soft red tunic sweater that will be perfect as my belly grows. Best of all, she got me a pair of black maternity pants! I’m not wearing them in this pic only because I’ve worn them every day since they showed up in the mail and they are finally in the wash. Betsy, you are so wonderful!

Here is an up close shot of the BUMP. *pat pat*

The Science: Baby Center recap – 28 weeks. She’s got eyelashes! Hubs has beautiful lashes so maybe she’ll have those same ones to bat at him with (which I suspect will render him goofy and completely useless when she does).

She’s busy in there and feeling her movement never gets old. I big puffy heart this time with her.

Body morphing: Weight gain is hard to say. I weighed myself this morning and it claims I actually lost two pounds. I was alarmed at first, but ever since moving to our new house, the scale seems just off. I’m not worrying about the number because my bump is clearly changing drastically now that I’m in the third trimester.  My belly button is stretched tiiiight!

Sexy stuff! Just apologizing now and if you’re eating lunch, you might want to swing by at another time. I had a bit of a scare yesterday, in the poop department. Hubs frantically Googled while I gawked in horror. Turns out, it’s somewhat common for…”things to get messy” during pregnancy. Moral of this terribly story: I need to eat more fiber and drink more water.

I had another bought of leg cramps (my worst yet) and three days later, my calves are still tender! Man, those hurt like the dickens!

I also waddle now and it’s simultaneously humiliating and kinda cute.

Food drama: My heartburn has subsided and I think it’s mostly because I’m eating less at a time. That helps a ton. No complaints! Drinking enough water is still an issue, unfortunately.

Exercising? Getting my shoes on is workout these days and I’ve been too lazy for much else.

To Dos: We signed up for a birthing and breastfeeding class through the local hospital! I also have to take the glucose test soon (like yesterday). That’ll be loads of fun.

 And randomly: MamaP comes to Colorado this weekend!

19 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. When I come we will go buy some pediolyte. Or something. Or call the doctor and see if drinking Gatorade at night will help. I love your sweater. Drink water. Eat fiber. Get your Blender out and we’ll eat some smoothies. Can’t wait. Be good. Be safe. Lv mamap

  2. Aren’t the cramps a pain? I had those too and they just come out of no where and get you! I’d often get them in the middle of the night and wake up in pure pain. eek!

    Love the sweater! Very nice style MIL!

    Don’t worry about your weight, the baby will take what it wants/needs 😉 You look absolutely amazing. You need to model for a pregnancy magazine!

  3. The Baby Bug Bump has been growing steadily, and her kicking has been getting stronger! The Candace is looking great in her new maternity clothes, which were much neeeded!!

  4. Love that sweater! So happy to hear that Bug is doing so great! Yep, try try try to get more H2O if you can. Be careful with Gatorade or Pediolyte, because even though they will raise those awesome electrolytes, they are loaded with sodium (hence their amazing electrolyte raising power!) and that can lead to edema which is nasty hard to deal with.

    Almond milk & coconut water help a ton! And lots of popsickles in the freezer isn’t a bad deal either.

    Happy glucosing! It’s really not so bad…..however, not so much fun when they call you back & make you redo it… yeah, been there, done that & bought the t-shirt.

    Breastfeeding classes are so smart! And I rolled my eyes at the thought of going but was SO glad we did! Aria arrived 6 weeks early & the class helped tremendously with her getting out of the NICU like a pro!

    A carseat class is also worth it’s weight in gold (or also the weight of an SUV!) If they have one….seriously it’s amazing what you will learn! And how much you’ll be like, “holy cow! who knew?”

    Okay, climbing back off of my mama soapbox…..(good grief!)

    Have a wonderful week & happy 3rd trimester!!! You’re in the homestretch now mama!!!

    • Shelby, your comment is AWESOMESAUCE. Thank you for all of your tips and sharing your experiences – I found it all insanely valuable. You are the third mama that had their sweetie surprise them with an early delivery. It made me realize I need to focus on what really matters now (like getting a carseat and installing it, etc), so I can fuss with the fun stuff, like decorating the nursery after all of those must-haves are checked off.

  5. Love the super stylish sweater! I agree with Connie – you could totally model for Momma-to-be fashion magazine!

    And sorry to hear about the scary poo – I’m so glad that it wasn’t anything serious!

  6. Love your update! How amazing is it that Hubs will help you through these poo mysteries. You guys will be GOLDEN in the delivery room – what a team (of 3!)!

  7. OH, and PS – Prenatal yoga on its way to you! Though, truly it looks like you’ve been doing plenty of activity with all this House Sweat! And, as a fair warning, while zen, this isn’t your grandmother’s yoga (no offense to anyone’s grandmother intended)….this will keep you strong and ready for the big arrival day!

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