Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday!

I figured I owed you a few more up-to-date pictures of the nursery – even though not much has changed from this post except a few furniture additions.

Amazingly enough, this pic was taken during the day…with the light on! We’ll need to update the lighting (be gone, boob light!) and it wouldn’t hurt for me to learn how to use my camera in the meantime.

But there is our sweet little crib! I took the plastic off the mattress this morning and slipped on one of my brand new cribs sheets, in attempt to cozy up this bare space a little.

This gives you a better idea of the actual gray (thank you, back lighting!). I still haven’t gotten around to removing all of the old painter’s tape (doh). We have mauve doors (that won’t be living a mauve life much longer) and that mirror has got to go.

Next up, my old Ikea dresser. Right now, it’s packed with random crap from our apartment that I need to clean out. Isn’t it begging for a colorful makeover and to be filled with tiny person clothes?

I wish you the best of weekends, my friends!

8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. There’s still so much work to do before the baby arrives, but the paint and floors make such a huge impact! And seeing the crib set up with the baby bedding makes me so excited.

  2. I love love love the color. It’s so calm and peaceful and versatile! You can totally swap out the coordinating colors-yellow, orange, green, torquiose, etc :-) I can’t wait until we get to see the finished nursery with Baby Girl Garbow in it!!

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