Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: This past week was partly wonderful and partly really hard. I was extremely emotional, anxious, exhausted and uncomfortable not only in my stretching body but in our new chaotic house. I almost got in a terrible car accident (which would have been my fault), I worked until 3am at my retail job one night, Hubs had only been home a few days after speaking at a conference, my poos were bringing me to tears, there was a trip to the emergency room (more on that later), I was late on taking my glucose test and my inbox was a mess. So with of all that, MamaP’s impending arrival seemed too much to take. It was difficult to prepare for because we had to do all of the normal stuff we do when we have company (plan meals, get groceries, clean sheets, etc) as well as trying to put our kitchen/entire house back together. It made everything feel like really bad timing.

The wonderful stuff: My friends. Although far away in Minnesota, two special people rallied around me – wiped my weepy sad eyes and helped me sort out my messy mind. The emergency room visit. Scary at first but we found out baby and I were very dehydrated. After focusing on getting my fluids back on track, we both feel SO MUCH BETTER. I passed my glucose test with flying colors. MamaP’s visit was a lovely one. We got a batch of nagging To Dos checked off, Hubs made us amazing food and we rested. It was nice.

Should I shut up and get to the weekly pic already?

The Science: Baby Center recap – 29 weeks. She’s the size of a butternut squash (possibly my favorite carb ever?) and she is strong! She’s awake more and more during the day (I feel her at work all of the time), along with her nightly ritual of playfulness from 9.30pm-11.30pm…and just recently she’s been waking me between 5am and 6.30am too. Hubs was resting his head on my belly one night and she pushed up against his face – I think she wanted to snuggle in closer to him. It was so stinkin’ adorable.

Body morphingWeight gain is…14 lbs! So here’s the thing. I was convinced the scale got jostled during the move to the new house because the readings were frightening low the last two weeks. Here I was, growing bigger by the moment, but the scale was telling me I had lost anywhere from 2-5 lbs?! It all makes sense now – considering I was massively dehydrated. Once I started pounding the fluids, my weight gain bounced back to what I expected it would be. My belly feels big and tight. I have a harder time getting in and out of cars and getting up from sitting or laying down.

Sexy stuff!  I didn’t feel Baby Girl move at all last Friday and into Saturday morning – whereas normally she’s been really active. Since I was so emotional, I feared I may be just paranoid. I’m so thankful for Hubs. He took my concerns seriously, Googled around and decided that, although horrible timing since my Mom was in flight to Colorado that very moment and our clinic was closed for the weekend, we should call the doctor and see if someone would be able to check things out. The doctor recommended we go in so that’s how we ended up spending the afternoon in the emergency room.

They wheeled me up to a room (that scared the living daylights out of me) and a super sweet nurse got Baby on the monitor. She was fine, just lethargic. The nurse made me drink a liter of water on the spot and almost instantly Baby started to get her groove back – she even had the hiccups! All three of us breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Happy news! The bummer is it could have been easily prevented and all of the warning signs were there: I slept a lot but still felt absolutely awful, the skin on my face was peeling even though I was loading on the face lotion, my weight had plummeted, my poos were a nightmare, and Baby was sluggish. Oh the guilt, knowing she was inside and didn’t have what she needed – it still makes my heart so ashamed and sad.

Now, I’m drinking water like it’s my job. I’m drinking at least three liters of water a day (which is no easy task, considering how much time I spend in the bathroom) but it’s worth it. Baby girl is back on track and so am I! I feel like a completely different person compared to late last week. My actual retail job still won’t allow me to keep water at the register (even after a trip to the emergency room!!!) so I am trying to figure out a way to follow their policy but not put my baby in jeopardy either. They did remind me I get a 10 minute break, but it’s awfully hard to drink two liters of water in 10 minutes. If it seems to be too difficult to juggle both baby and retail, then I’ll resign. I was originally only temporary holiday help anyway so I’m thankful that they’ve kept me on this long, it sure has helped with home improvement bills and baby goodies.

Food drama: Usually, overeating is my style. But nowadays, Baby is taking up so much more room that everything feels very crowded and I can’t eat near as much as I used to (even a week ago!). Plus, with all of the new water guzzling, I get full fast and my food tends to “sit high”. But, everything is wonderful – especially when Hubs is cooking.

Exercising? HA! I really need to get on that. Maybe next week?

To Dos: We got two more baby care packages! I need to catch up on my thank yous, I sincerely have so much to be thankful for.

And randomly: Here’s a side by side of me at 21 weeks versus 29 weeks, wearing the same outfit. Look at that growing bump!

10 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. I’m so glad that you & baby girl are doing good! YEA!! (happy dance!).

    Love the side-by-side pics – you are so gosh-darned adorable!!!

    • Baby and I are both feeling so much better and my special thanks to you for getting me through last week. xoxo. You are THE BEST and I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a friend like you in my life. *sniffles*

  2. This was a tough couple weeks, but we’ve come out of it stronger (literally, with your increased hydration). The house feels more like a home, we know the baby is healthy and kicking hard, and the bump is so adorable.

  3. I loved visiting your new city and your new home. My experience was welcoming and truly joyous.. The food was Iron Chef Knockout quality (Thank you SIL) and Louisville downtown is so fun, with cute little shops that offers ice cream, coffee and beer! YAY! thecandace and SIL are doing a fabulous job taking care of little garbow. The have all the skills and love to make a grand set of parents. Size of a butternut squash – I was just getting into Bok Choy. Wow! lv mamap

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