Friday Tidbits

When MamaP was visiting, she came with me to get my glucose test done. Basically how it works is you fast overnight and then drink an entire bottle of their official glucose drink (in less than 5 minutes, so no sipping!), then you get your blood drawn exactly one hour after finishing the last drop. I picked the orange flavor, I have no idea why.

It started out rough because Hubs had crafted up a delicious breakfast for MamaP with fresh roasted coffee, a bacon and onion scramble, and a homemade pumpkin scone, while I sat patiently waiting for her to finish, twitching with food envy.

No one enjoys getting their blood drawn, but I’m lucky because they usually have an easy time finding a vein – making the blood draw quick and as painless as you could hope for. But, a few weeks into my pregnancy, I had gone in for a routine blood draw so they could check some levels and that time it HURT. It burned and stung and I bruised up afterward. Needless to say, I’m always a little anxious when I go in, worried I might get “stuck” with the same person that caused me so much unpleasantness.

Luckily, I got a guy that had done a great job with me before and this time was no different. I was so relieved! I was in and out in less than 2 minutes. I marched out to the waiting room and announced to MamaP “He was a good prick!”

Not normally one for having a loss for words, MamaP stared at me stunned.

“I mean, he was a good stick?”

MamaP started to giggle.

The guy called out from the back room to thank me for clarifying and we got the hell out of there before I could die of embarrassment. I blame the fasting!

I hope you have a happy weekend and don’t say anything that makes an entire waiting room and hospital staff uncomfortable.


15 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

    • They must be – all of my fellow Minnesota mommies have had to take them. You lucked out. Do they test for gestational diabetes some other way?

  1. I chose Orange flavor too….also not sure why. :)

    From your posts, it sounds like you need to get your feet up as much as possible this weekend. And, that’s an unofficial order!!!

  2. Orange rocks! Way to punish that glucose test too with a perfect score! Sounds like MamaP “pricked” a perfect weekend for a great visit! Have fun & hope you can now have some of that breakfast!! :)

    • I’m so lucky everything passed the first go around because going back to do the 3 hour glucose test would be brutal. Didn’t you have to go back? Blech, I’m so sorry – it’s not fair!

      • Yep, we did the 3 hour tour :) But thankfully had some more of that yummy orange to make it “fun”! It really was okay, just seemed like it took so long….we were just happy the results came back alright the second time around. Have a great week Mama & keep on drinkin’ that H2O!

  3. Since thecandace seldom swears, her announcement took me by surprise, to say the least. We giggled for hours over that little mis-speak. I recommend naps everyday as well!!! And if they won’t let you drink water on the floor, I would think twice about the retail job. It is your decision. Take naps is an easy order to obey. I’ll add – to get your feet rubbed often. I think that they are good orders for me as well. Be good. That breakfast was delicious – every breakfast there was delicious. As well as lunch and dinner. (Thanks SIL) I am feeling rather deprived at this point in time! have a great weekend. lv mamap

    • Hubs is so happy that you enjoyed all of his home cooking! I have no idea how I got so lucky to snag him but I’m thanking Betsy for raising such a great son that can comfort AND cook – what more could I ask for!?

  4. Tee-hee! What a funny story! Every time I think of you inadvertently calling that guy a prick & then stick I giggle!

    I’m very glad that your glucose test was all good! Whoo-hoo!!!

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