Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I feel like a whole new person compared to last week! I’m sleeping a lot, but everything is going smoothly. I’m so thankful! Admittedly, I still get cranky/irritable sporadically, but it’s nothing like the sad feelings I was having a week ago.

(Please pretend I had done something useful with my bedhead hair)

I’m sporting new maternity clothes from my dear friends Tai and Becky. They got me the tank top and leggings (they are soooo cozy), plus two more shirts! and a massage! and a shopping spree to Sephora! How the heck I got so lucky to have them as friends, I’ll never know!

The Science: Baby Center recap – 30 weeks. She’s the size of a cabbage, which reminds me of the 80’s Cabbage Patch dolls. Remember those? Of course I had the copycat generic version, the Pumpkin Patch doll. Pumpkins are way cuter anyhow, so I’m trying not to feel bad.

Body morphingWeight gain is 13.5lbs. People feel comfortable enough now asking when I’m due and commenting on my belly. Because, whoa, it looks like this:

Sexy stuff!  The pooing is back on track, folks! You have no idea how empowering this is.

Food drama: None! Hubs has been crafting up the most amazing meals lately. Fish tacos, Mediterranean salad, fruit dip…man, I love that guy.

Exercising? I went on my first run in weeks with my track kids. We ran super slow for 25 minutes, with a break in the middle to do dynamic stretching drills so it was nice and easy. I loved being back out there! I doubt I’ll be making it a habit though because my pelvis feels too heavy for regular running. My friend Megs sent me prenatal yoga and I’m going to try it this weekend – can’t wait!

To Dos: I’m trying to make progress on the nursery but it’s slow going. We probably should focus more on getting a car seat and other essentials first just in case this little one surprises us by showing up to the Real World early. Maybe Hubs and I will have a date this weekend with Amazon and get those ordered.

And randomly: Look at this massive box of hand-me down baby clothes that my Aunt sent all the way from Texas!


Also, a baby shower is in the works to celebrate the Bump and I:


And finally…we are taking our first birthing class tonight. They told me to bring two pillows and blanket. I hope Hubs doesn’t faint and I don’t accidentally fall asleep.


12 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. The bump is getting so big – it’s fun to pat the baby and talk to her. I’m trying to get her used to my voice, which I’m sure will have no effect when she’s crying at 3am.

    Fingers crossed for the birthing class. I’ll be taking lots o’ notes!

  2. Ooh look at that adorable bump!! I’m so glad you like the clothes!!

    Have fun at birthing class, you guys are going to be totally prepared for little girl’s arrival!! :-)

    • I know, we are totally set! Not only did it have clothes, but it had a Halloween costume, little bitty tights, socks and shoes. SO CUTE.

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