Friday Tidbits

Hubs carrying around 30 lbs of sympathy baby weight at our birthing class last night – isn’t he cute?

Btw, how did I not know that the last stage of labor is to deliver the placenta? What have I gotten myself into?

Enough questions for one day, have a great weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. The class was super informative, and it’s so nice learning what we’ll be going through since it takes some of the fear and anxiety out of the process.

    Of course, that’s easy for me to say since I won’t be pushing a human out of my body.

  2. You are as important as thecandace, SIL. She couldn’t do it without you. Practice feeding and burping the play-doll they give you. It will come in handy at 3am. As parents, you will see some beautiful sun rises and also plenty of star-lit skies. I am excited for you both. Since I have been through it, it is good to share a little misery with relatives. HA! Have a great weekend. Lv mamap

  3. Zack, you’re looking a little uncomfortable there!

    Candace, I had no idea of that final step, I thought after baby arrived it was all cuddles & happiness – just like they show it in Private Practice or Grey’s Anatomy, you know? :-) It sounds like birthing class is setting the record straight while providing lots of good info to prepare you guys. Go Team Garbow!

  4. I wouldn’t totally think of it as the end (though you don’t really notice it – it mostly just falls out). The contracting of the uterus back to a regular size over the next few days is not to be underestimated. Every time you nurse, a load of oxytocin goes to it and turns it into a knot of pain. Fun stuff. Tylenol and a rice pillow will help. They say it often gets worse with succeeding children, but my second time it went fast and easy compared to my first.

    • Andrea, thank you for the heads up! They never warn you about stuff like that, thank goodness for girlfriends!!! I’m so glad I have you to fill me in on what I really need to know.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Wouldn’t he even be cuter if we replaced that backpack with an ergo carrier and a curly haired little baby girl?

  5. Way to carry the sympathy weight, Zack! Justin claims to have sympathy appetite, sympathy bladder and is sure not to miss out on any sympathy naps. It’s good to have such caring hubbies!

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